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JSONObjects allows you to declaratively specify how to extract and convert elements from a JSON document.

Project description

jsonobjects allows you to declaratively specify how to extract and convert elements from a JSON document.


We recommend the use of virtualenv and of pip. You can then use pip install -U jsonobjects. You may also have setuptools and thus you can use easy_install -U jsonobjects. Otherwise, you can download the source from GitHub and run python install.


All dependencies are optional.


Example of schema to parse iTunes lookup response for software item:

import json
import requests
import jsonobjects as jo

class iTunesAppSchema(jo.Schema):
    id = jo.IntegerField('trackId')
    url = jo.Field('trackViewUrl')
    name = jo.StringField('trackName')
    currency = jo.StringField()
    price = jo.FloatField(min_value=0.0)
    rating = jo.FloatField('averageUserRating')
    reviews = jo.IntegerField('userRatingCountForCurrentVersion')
    version = jo.StringField()
    publisher_id = jo.IntegerField('artistId')
    publisher_url = jo.Field('artistViewUrl')
    publisher_name = jo.StringField('artistName')
    categories = jo.ListField('genres', child=jo.StringField())
    icon = jo.Field(
        ['artworkUrl512', 'artworkUrl60'], post_process=lambda v: {'url': v})
    screenshots = jo.ListField(
        'screenshotUrls', child=jo.Field(post_process=lambda v: {'url': v}))

parser = iTunesAppSchema('results[0]')

def get_app_details(app_id):
    url = '{}'
    return requests.get(url.format(app_id)).json()

details = get_app_details(880047117)

The code above produces next result:

  "categories": ["Games", "Puzzle", "Action"],
  "currency": "USD",
  "icon": {"url": ""},
  "id": 880047117,
  "name": "Angry Birds 2",
  "price": 0.0,
  "publisher_id": 298910979,
  "publisher_name": "Rovio Entertainment Ltd",
  "publisher_url": "",
  "rating": 4.0,
  "reviews": 4796,
  "screenshots": [
    {"url": ""},
    {"url": ""},
    {"url": ""},
    {"url": ""},
    {"url": ""}
  "url": "",
  "version": "2.2.1"

See for more examples.


Getting the tests running looks like:

# Install dependencies
$ pip install -r requirement.txt
# Run the test suites
$ python


The MIT License (MIT)

Contributed by Maxim Kamenkov

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