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JSONStore is a lightweight database for JSON documents exposed through HTTP.

Project description

A schema-free database for JSON documents, exposed through a REST API, with searching implemented using a flexible matching algorithm.

A quick start:

$ pip install jsonstore
$ jsonstore
 * Running on

Creating a document:

$ curl -v -d '{"foo":"bar","baz":{"count":42}}'
< HTTP/1.0 201 Created
< Location:
< etag: "348f16ee0c0856d853117bde8413a4270d1d3487"
    "foo": "bar",
    "baz": {
        "count": 42
    "__id__": "72dcf1ee-8efd-4d7f-8ca1-2eda2bf85099",
    "__updated__": "2012-05-09T20:33:36.928075+00:00"

Searching the store:

$ curl -g '{"baz":{"count":"GreaterThan(40)"}}'
        "foo": "bar",
        "baz": {
            "count": 42
        "__id__": "72dcf1ee-8efd-4d7f-8ca1-2eda2bf85099",
        "__updated__": "2012-05-09T20:33:36.928075+00:00"

It also has a Python API. The above code would be done like this:

>>> from jsonstore.client import EntryManager
>>> from jsonstore.operators import GreaterThan

>>> em = EntryManager('')
>>> em.create(foo="bar", "baz"={"count": 42})
>>> results ={"count": GreaterThan(40)})

Or like this, just for fun:

>>> from jsonstore.dsl import Store

>>> store = Store('')
>>> { "foo": "bar", "baz": { "count": 42 } } >> store
>>> results = store | { "baz": { "count": GreaterThan(40) } }

Please see the website for more examples.

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