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JavaScript Resource Notation for Python

Project description

This library has been deprecated in favour of Odin

A JSON based notation for resources that can be easily converted into object graphs.

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  • Class based declarative style

  • Support for all JSON primitive types (including JavaScript Date)

  • Fields for building composite resources

  • Field and Resource level validation

  • Easy extension to support custom fields

  • Python 2.7+ and Python 3.3+ supported

Upcoming features

In development

  • Customisable generation of documentation of resources (for integration into Sphinx)

  • Complete documentation (around 70-80% complete for current features)


  • Integration with other libraries (ie Django Models/Forms)


  • six


  • jinja2 >= 2.7 - For documentation generation

  • simplejson - Performance improvements


With definition:

import jsrn

class Author(jsrn.Resource):
    name = jsrn.StringField()

class Publisher(jsrn.Resource):
    name = jsrn.StringField()

class Book(jsrn.Resource):
    title = jsrn.StringField()
    authors = jsrn.ArrayOf(Author)
    publisher = jsrn.ObjectAs(Publisher)
    genre = jsrn.StringField()
    num_pages = jsrn.IntegerField()
>>> b = Book(
        title="Consider Phlebas",
        genre="Space Opera",
>>> b.authors.append(Author(name="Iain M. Banks"))
>>> jsrn.dumps(b, pretty_print=True)
    "$": "Book",
    "authors": [
            "$": "Author",
            "name": "Iain M. Banks"
    "genre": "Space Opera",
    "num_pages": 471,
    "publisher": {
        "$": "Publisher",
        "name": "Macmillan"
    "title": "Consider Phlebas"

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