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A tool for deploying complex stacks with juju.

Project description

Juju Deployer

A deployment tool for juju that allows stack-like configurations of complex deployments.

It supports configuration in yaml or json.


$ virtulenv –system-site-packages deployer $ ./deployer/bin/easy_install juju-deployer $ ./deployer/bin/juju-deployer -h


Stack Definitions

High level view:

    series: precise
       - blog:
           charm: wordpress
           branch: lp:charms/precise/wordpress
       - db:
           charm: mysql
           branch: lp:charms/precise/mysql
       - - db
         - blog

    inherits: blog
       - blog:
           num_units: 3
           constraints: instance-type=m1.medium
               wp-content: include-file://content-branch.txt
       - db:
           constraints: instance-type=m1.large
               tuning: include-base64://db-tuning.txt
       - cachelb:
           charm: varnish
           branch: lp:charms/precise/varnish
       - - cachelb
         - blog

We've got two deployment stacks here, blog, and blog-prod. The blog stack defines
a simple wordpress deploy with mysql and two relations. In this case its


This is a wrapper for Juju that allows stack-like configurations of complex deployments. It was created to deploy Openstack but should be able to deploy other complex service configurations in the same manner.

See deployments.cfg and deployments.cfg.sample for examples of how to describe service stacks in JSON.

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