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A psycopg2 PostgreSQL wrapper for data science

Project description

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📑 Welcome to Jumbo!

Jumbo is a wrapper of the amazing psycopg2 - the most popular PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language.

Jumbo has been designed specifically for adoption in environments where thorough widespread knowledge of SQL protocols might be lacking and a streamlined approach to database interactions might be needed. Jumbo offers an intuitive and quickly deployable interface to successfully implement a database-centred data analysis pipeline at all levels of your team or organisation.

Jumbo is intuitive yet customisable - first-time users can easily interact with the database without worrying about handling transactions under the hood. At the same time, experienced PostgreSQL architects can still unleash the full power of psycopg2 and exploit its more advanced functionalities.

🚀 Quick Start

  1. 📚 Install jumbo like any other python package, using pip to download it from PyPI:

        $ pip install jumbo
  2. 🐘 Create a jumbo.env file in the root directory of your project with the following structure:

        DATABASE_HOST = <my_database_host_address>
        DATABASE_USERNAME = <my_database_user_name>
        DATABASE_PASSWORD = <my_database_user_password>
        DATABASE_PORT = <my_database_port>
        DATABASE_NAME = <my_database_name>
  3. 🐍 Test your installation running the following minimal script:

         import jumbo
         # Initialize database connection
         database = jumbo.database.Database()
         # Open a connection pool.
         with as pool:
            # Get an individual connection from the pool.
            with pool.connect():

📚 Documentation

To learn more about the package head over to the official documentation!

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