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Command-line utility to create shortcuts for running scripts

Project description

# Jumprun

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A command-line utility for creating shortcuts for running scripts.

#### Supported Interpreters:

- Python
- Ruby
- Perl
- Shell
- Java

#### Installation:

It can be installed using PyPi, `$ pip install jumprun`. Jumprun supports only Python 3 at the moment!

#### Example
Say I have a python file `` in the `~/Developer` directory and I want to make a shortcut for
running this script.

- Run `jr add testhello` in `~/Developer' to make a shortcut.
- Now you can run `jr testhello` from anywhere in terminal to execute the script.
- You can get further details about a command using `jr show testhello`.
- You can erase all shortcuts using `jr rm all`

#### Usage:
jr add <name> <command> [-d WORKDIR] [-f]
jr rm all
jr rm <name>
jr show
jr show all
jr show <name>
jr rename <old> <new>
jr <name>
jr -h
jr -v

add Add a new shortcut
rm Delete a shortcut
rename Rename a shortcut
show List all shortcuts

-h, --help Show this screen.
--version Show version.
--workdir <dir>, -d <dir> Working directory for the command
--force, -f Overwrite existing shortcut

#### Tests:
`$ python`

#### License:
`Jumprun` is distributed under MIT license, see `LICENSE` for more details.

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