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"Send junit data to influxdb"

Project description

This library provide some utilities to manipulate test data from junit files and sendthem to a influxdb server.


pip install junit2influx


A junit2influx binary is available, as shown below:

$ junit2influx --help

Usage: junit2influx [OPTIONS] JUNIT_FILE

Extract test data from a junit file and send it to influxdb:

    junit2influx test.xml --influxdb-url url

Each test is send as a single datapoint with its result and
duration under the "tests" measurement, and overall data
(number of tests, total duration, etc.) is sent under
the "builds" measurement.

You can provide additional tags and fields to be sent with
each datapoint to influxdb by using the --field and --tag

    junit2influx test.xml --influxdb-url url --tag host=myhost --field commit=dh876d0

All additional tags and fields are sent as string by default, but
you can cast them to specific json types (bool, float and int) if needed:

    --tag int:stage=1      # add an integer "stage" tag with a value of 1
    --tag bool:fake=true   # add a boolean "fake" tag with a value of True
    --field float:dur=3.5  # add a float "dur" field with a value of 3.5

Multiple --field and --tag flags can be provided.

If you want to send data to influx but don’t have a Junit file available, you can use the push2influx wrapper:

$ push2influx --help
Usage: push2influx [OPTIONS] MEASUREMENT

Push data directly to influxdb:

  push2influx measurement_name --influxdb-url url --tag result=success

Tags and fields work the same way the do for junit2influx

--field TEXT
--tag TEXT
--influxdb-url TEXT  [required]
--help               Show this message and exit.

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