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JupyterLab extension to display system information

Project description

JupyterLab System Monitor

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JupyterLab extension to display system information (memory and cpu usage).

Provides an alternative frontend for the jupyter-resource-usage metrics:


This extension was originally developed as part of the jupyterlab-topbar project, and extracted into its own repository later on.


  • Add Network I/O
  • Expose more settings


  • JupyterLab 1.0+
  • Node.js


This extension requires the jupyter-resource-usage package and the jupyterlab-topbar-extension extension for JupyterLab.

Note: This extension is not compatible with nbresuse==0.3.4.

Starting from JupyterLab 3.0, extensions can be distributed as a Python package. Installation instructions will differ depending on your version of JupyterLab:

JupyterLab 3.x

pip install jupyterlab-system-monitor

JupyterLab 2.x

pip install nbresuse
jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-topbar-extension jupyterlab-system-monitor

nbresuse can also be installed with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge nbresuse

Note: Node.js is required to install JupyterLab extensions. It can be installed with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge nodejs


Graphic Display

You can set the memory and cpu limits (but not enforce it) to display the indicator in the top bar.

For more info, check the memory limit in the nbresuse repository.

Edit ~/.jupyter/ (note: see here if you do not have a config file:

c = get_config()

# memory
c.NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.mem_limit = <size_in_GB> *1024*1024*1024

# cpu
c.NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.track_cpu_percent = True
c.NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.cpu_limit = <number_of_cpus>

For example:

c.NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.mem_limit = 4294967296
c.NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.track_cpu_percent = True
c.NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.cpu_limit = 2

Or use the command line option:

# POSIX shell
jupyter lab --NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.mem_limit=$(( size_in_GB *1024*1024*1024)) \
            --NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.track_cpu_percent=True \
            --NotebookApp.ResourceUseDisplay.cpu_limit=$(( number_of_cpus ))

Advanced Settings

You can change the label and refresh rate in JupyterLab's advanced settings editor:



If you are experiencing issues with the memory and cpu indicators not being displayed, make sure to check the nbresuse changelog for any breaking changes from major releases.


# create a new conda environment
conda create -n jupyterlab-system-monitor -c conda-forge jupyterlab nodejs nbresuse
conda activate jupyterlab-system-monitor

# Install dependencies

# Install the package in development mode
pip install -e .

# Link your development version of the extension with JupyterLab
jlpm run develop

# Rebuild extension TypeScript source after making changes
jlpm run build


pip uninstall jupyterlab-system-monitor

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