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A package to control JVC projectors over IP

Project description

JVC Projector Remote

⚠️ This project is looking for (co-)maintainers. Times change, I might end up with a different projector brand, JVC might change the command interface for a newer model that I don't have. Enough people use this library now that I think it's important to think about think about its future. I would be grateful to have people who are competent in python and have access to a JVC projector on board. If you're willing to help, submit a pull request implementing new features, fixing bugs or tidying up my terrible programming and documentation!

If you'd like to make a donation to sponsor work on this project, you can donate on ko-fi, or github sponsors

This is a package to control JVC Projectors over IP.


This library is used by following software:

It can also be used standalone or in a Python script.

Command Format

Read State

To get a status a specific command is sent with the JVCProjector.command(<command>) method.


  • To read power state, send command power and receive standby, lamp_on, cooling, reserved or emergency
  • To read signal state, send command signal and receive no_signal or active_signal

Write State

To control the projector, a command together with a certain state is sent with the JVCProjector.command(<command>-<state>) method.


  • Power ON: power-on
  • Change picture mode to film: picture_mode-film
  • Switch lamp to high: lamp-high

Supported Commands

Description Command State
Power power Read: standby, lamp_on, cooling, reserved, emergency
Write: on, off
Lens Memory memory Read/Write: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Input input Read/Write: hdmi1, hdmi2
Picture Mode picture_mode film, cinema, natural, hdr10, thx, user1, user2, user3, user4, user5, user6, hlg, frame_adapt_hdr, hdr10p, pana_pq
Low Latency Mode low_latency Read/Write: on, off
Mask mask Read/Write: off, custom1, custom2, custom3
Lamp Setting lamp high, low, mid
Menu Buttons menu Write: menu, down, left, right, up, ok, back
Lens Aperture aperture Read/Write: off, auto1, auto2
Anamorphic Mode anamorphic Read/Write: off, a, b, c, d
Signal Status signal Read: no_signal, active_signal
Get Mac Address macaddr Read: returns mac address string
Model Info modelinfo Read: returns the model info string
Test Connection null Write: no write payload, used for testing connection

NOTE: Not all commands or states are supported by all models. You can easily tell by testing them on your JVC projector.


$ python3 -m pip install jvc_projector_remote


For usage with Home Assistant, see here.

Below is an example for using this module standalone (see command format section for command strings):

>>> from jvc_projector_remote import JVCProjector

 # replace with your projector's local IP
>>> host = ""

# initialise (for models older than the NZ series)
>>> projector = JVCProjector(host, port=20554, delay_ms=600, connect_timeout=10, max_retries=10)

# initialise (alternate, with network password)
>>> projector = JVCProjector(host, password="MYPASSWORD", port=20554, delay_ms=600, connect_timeout=10, max_retries=10)

# power on, power off
>>> projector.power_on()
# check status once it's on
>>> projector.is_on()

>>> projector.power_off()
# check if it's off
>>> projector.is_on()

# Send arbitrary command
# see the command format section above
>>> projector.command("input-hdmi2")

Confirmed Models

  • DLA-X5900
  • NX5
  • NZ8/RS3100
  • DLA-RS440

Let me know if it works with your projector and I will add it to the list above.

Error ConnectionRefusedError

The main issue one might face is receiving ConnectionRefusedError when making a request too soon after another. If this is the case, we will retry up to max_retries. It is important to set delay_ms to a reasonable value. For example, my X5900 will hang for 0.8-1 second after the power-off command is sent.

Adding New Commands

If you are not familiar with Python at all, raise an issue with a request to add a new command. Otherwise, follow the documentation for the Command base class and be sure to look at the examples in the Commands class.

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