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VFX/Animation Studio Framework

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VFX/Animation Studio Framework tailored for TDs/Scripters managing pipelines and workflows used by Production Managers and CGI Artists.

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[2.2.0] - 2023-02-01

! Python version support !

2.2 is the last version of Kabaret supporting Python 2. Incoming versions starting from 2.3 will exclusively support Python 3.

! Breaking changes !

The return value of the command has changed to also include the related oid. This is needed by the introduction of the new Relative relation with which you can no longer assume that a related object's id is <relation_owner_id>/<related_name>.

If you were using ls in automation scripts, you will need to update its returned value unpacking.

Previous return value: (relation_name, relation_type, is_action, is_map, ui_config), mapped_names

New return value: (related_oid, relation_name, relation_type, is_action, is_map, ui_config), mapped_names


issue #88 - Mapped items "background_color" does show in GUI.

issue #99 & #100 - New plugin system to allow code-less intallation of third party extensions. See new "Plugin" section of the documentation:

PePy download badge in README

issue #79 - New Flow command session.cmds.Flow.set_home_oid(my_oid) to configure the "Home" action.

issue #83 - New ui option navigation_bar. If set to False, the flow page will hide the navigation bar. See example usages in showcase dev_studio.flow.unittest_project.showcase.ui_config. Also added an entry in the FlowView "Options" menu to toggle the navigation bar visible/hidden.

issue #78 - View titles can be formated by using a view_id like <formater>|<view_id> where formater is used like formater.format(some_title). This particularly interesting to control the title of views created by using goto_target in the return value of a

issue #71 - Action menus for Relation and Map items can contain sub-menus based on the Action group. Use relation.ui(action_submenus=True) and/or relation.ui(items_action_submenus=True).

issue #60 - Any session created is accessible with You can get the last created one with

issue #73 - choice editor support arbitrary icon for each choice using the choice_icons option.

issue #11 - textarea editor now correctly shows when edited and is correctly auto-applied in action dialogs. A 'Cancel' button was added to revert to the last loaded value. The 'Apply' and 'Cancel' buttons are now hidden until an edit is made. A new option buttons_side was added to specify the buttons side.

issue #31 - Added the ability to access other projects in the flow with self.root().project('OtherProjectName')

issue #74 - Added injectable() method on Child relations (and sub relations) which let developer inject their Object types inside someone else flow using the kabaret.flow.injection module. See the documentation at for details.

issue #70 - Customizable double click behaviour on Map items. See usage and example in dev_studio.flow.unittest_project.showcase.maps.map_actions, and here:

issue #66 - Added a new relation Relative which gives access to any Object in the flow given an oid relative to its parent. See usage and code example in dev_studio.flow.unittest_project.showcase.relations.

issue #68 - Added kabaret.flow.Connection.allow_cross_project() to allow Connection / Ref to an object inside another project.

merge !101 - New GUI Style in


merge !128 - The LabelEditor text is now selectable. issue #72 - The target view of a is automatically made visible / active tab.

issue #70 - You can no longer create a Mapped Item with a name used in the Map class or its ancestor classes.

issue #56 - Use scrollbar rather than submenu when having many items in NavigationBar context menus

merge !106 - Change ChoiceValueEditor from QToolButton to QComboBox


issue #93 - Injections produce too many messages (info messages are now debug only message)

issue #95 - Kabaret didn't work with python 3.9

issue #30 - Removed the redis<3.0.0 restriction in install_requires.

issue #72 - Fixed a bug when the return value of a has a goto_target_type and no goto_target.

issue #63 - In FlowView: Action buttons, Mapped items and Reference fields where inside the last Relation instead of at view toplevel.

issue #77 - 10 times faster FlowView page loading.

issue #67 - KabaretSession.session_uid() may return a unique id that is rejected by Redis.

issue #45 - "Internal C++ object already deleted" error when navigating to a page before current page loading is finished.

issue #53 - Bug in corner case scenarii when listing Object Actions.

issue #52 - When a Ref source was updated, it would not be updated for user who already loaded it.

issue #57 - Connections relations were always displayed first in GUI.

merge !102 - Scroll in MapField does not work in python3 + Fixed MappedItem background and foreground styling

merge !103 - MultiChoiceValueEditor maximum height / scrollbar + Check multiple choices at once

merge !104 - Support unicode data in Param (default editor and textarea editor)

issue #28 - Dialogless Actions inside an Action dialog closes the parent Action dialog.

issue #56 - Navigation Bar drag'n'drop start sensibility and preview.

[2.1.12] - 2020-02-28


issue #64 - Thumbnail Sequence player fails when image is missing

[2.1.11] - 2020-02-18


issue #62 - Failling "computed value" showcase in dev_studio.flow.unittest_project.UnittestProject

fixing DarkStyle css not showing the error background for Computed value fields.

[2.1.10] - 2020-02-03


issue #50 - FlowView: Map is expanded when there's only one Map in the current oid

This is intended and used to be cool. But now that we have 'expanded' and 'expandable' options on Relation.ui() it is annoying.

[2.1.9] - 2020-02-03


issue #58 - Flow page messed up layout

Parent relations were causing horizontal alignment glitchs in FlowView with PyQt5 and PySide2.


issue #7 - Support an "expandable" and "expanded" option on Relation.ui()

issue #55 - Popup menus in Navigation bar now has Copy and Paste items.

[2.1.8] - 2019-08-25


fixed missing in distribution.

[2.1.7] - 2019-08-22


issue #51 - Could not hide a relation by setting ui['hidden'] = True in Ojbect._fill_ui()

[2.1.6] - 2019-08-14


issue #50 - GUI does not show any icon on Map fields

[2.1.5] - 2019-08-14


issue #49 - Custom Page not usable on Custom Home

[2.1.4] - 2019-08-09


issue #12 - Dynamic UI Properties

Any property set on a Relation.ui() can now be overridden per Object instance by overridding Object._fill_ui(ui) This has been a long request, especially to have dynamic value for the icon and hidden properties.

issue #48 - Custom UI Page

It is now possible to provide an arbitrary widget to display/edit an Object in the Flow view.

This can be specified at the relation's level with Relation(...).ui(custom_page='my_module.MyWidget'). Or at the Object level by overridding Object._fill_ui(ui).

See dev_studio.flow.unittest_project.UnittestProject "Custom Page" for details and example.


issue #12 - When expanding a Connection relation in GUI, sub fields don't update. issue #12 - (correlated) When showing not-child item in DynamicMap (a.k.a Map as View), items don't update.

issue #47 - Fix Map item styling consistency

The style dict in Map._fill_row_style now accepts 'foreground_color' as well as 'foreground-color' etc... And the value may be in the form (255,255,255) as well as '#FFFFFF'

[2.1.3] - 2019-07-15


issue #43 - MapField summary refresh after touch().

issue #44 - Maya lose QMenu reference when using QMenu.addMenu.


Support per row as well as per column color properties in Map row style (see !73)

[2.1.2] - 2019-04-09


Documentation minor improvements: issue #36 #38 #39 #40


issue #24 - Ctrl+Click on map item works only once. issue #37 - dev_studio UnittestProject wouldn't work without kabaret.ingrid installed.

[2.1.1] - 2019-03-05


Dropped the beta status because why not.


issue #29 - Added context based GUI filtering for flow.Action

  • updated dev_studio.unittest_project.showcase with doc and examples.

[2.1.0b3] - 2019-02-05


python 3 compatibility

[2.1.0b1] - 2019-01-18


issue #25 - Refactor View class hierarchy to be able to have Toolbar and Dialog views issue #26 - View management RFE issue #13 - Add an option in flow.Action.get_result() to force a "goto" in a new view

  • Added deprecation warnings (stdout printed) for view system changes. You should update your code as soon as possible. Once your code is updated, you should also update your install_requires with 'kabaret>=2.1'

  • Added a built-in 'SessionToolBar' view with user/session/cluster info and layout preset tools. The layout preset tools won't be useful without the upcoming 'Users' actor. Once this actor is built-in, the SessionToolBar will be added to the default Standalone GUI Session.


issue #23 - Dialog inside another Dialog

[2.0.0b17] - 2019-01-07


install_requires now specify redis version <3.0.0

[2.0.0b15] - 2018-12-17


issue #2: support for file drop in PythonValueEditor

[2.0.0b15] - 2018-12-11


Removed Action buttons in FlowPage.

[2.0.0b14] - 2018-11-16


issue #22: Error in action dialog with sub-fields

[2.0.0b13] - 2018-11-15


issue #21: Potential event buffer over-growth in Cluster Actor


new icons.gui resource: kabaret_logo_vector.svg

[2.0.0b12] - 2018-10-22


issue #10: Project reload related

[2.0.0b11] - 2018-10-18


issue #14: Unable to watch a Connection related Ref

issue #15: Map.add may sometimes mess up the ValueStore

issue #9: Map.add(name) doesn't raise if the name is already used

Label editor not showing error

Fail to log exception raised in session.tick() dispatch

[2.0.0b10] - 2018-10-02


  • Flow actor related bugs

[2.0.0b8] - 2018-09-30


  • Flow actor's Home can now be overriden by a custom one.

[2.0.0b7] - 2018-09-27


  • Changelog


  • Wrong python requires preventing pip install on python 2.7

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