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A set of utilities for training probabilistic context-free grammars and scoring new sentences with them.

Project description

A library for training and applying probabilistic context-free grammars to

* Kasami, T. (1965). An efficient recognition and syntax analysis algorithm
for context-free languages. (No. Scientific-2). Hawaii University, Dept. of
Electrical Engineering.

# Example use

>>> from bllipparser import RerankingParser
>>> from kasami import TreeScorer
>>> from kasami.normalizers import bllip
>>> # Loading WSJ-PTB3 treebank into bllip's RerankingParser
... bllip_rrp = RerankingParser.fetch_and_load('WSJ-PTB3')
>>> bllip_parse = lambda s: bllip.normalize_tree(bllip_rrp.parse(s)[0].ptb_parse)
>>> tree = bllip_parse("I am a little teapot")
>>> print(tree)
(S1 (S (NP (PRP 'I')) (VP (VBP 'am') (NP (DT 'a') (JJ 'little') (NN 'teapot')))))
>>> print(tree.format(depth=1))
(PRP 'I')
(VBP 'am')
(DT 'a')
(JJ 'little')
(NN 'teapot')
>>> for production in tree:
... print(str(production))
(S1 S)
(PRP 'I')
(VBP 'am')
(DT 'a')
(JJ 'little')
(NN 'teapot')
>>> sentences = ["I am a little teapot",
... "Here is my handle",
... "Here is my spout",
... "When I get all steamed up I just shout tip me over and pour me out",
... "I am a very special pot",
... "It is true",
... "Here is an example of what I can do",
... "I can turn my handle into a spout",
... "Tip me over and pour me out"]
>>> teapot_grammar = TreeScorer.from_tree_bank(bllip_parse(s) for s in sentences)
>>> teapot_grammar.score(bllip_parse("Here is a little teapot"))
>>> teapot_grammar.score(bllip_parse("It is my handle"))
>>> teapot_grammar.score(bllip_parse("I am a spout"))
>>> teapot_grammar.score(bllip_parse("Your teapot is gay"))
>>> teapot_grammar.score(bllip_parse("Your mom's teapot is asldasnldansldal"))


# Author
* Aaron Halfaker --

... and substantially informed by

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