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This plugin adds utilities for working with images and videos to the katalytic namespace

Project description

katalytic-images version tests coverage docs license: MIT

Don't use in production yet. I will probably introduce backwards incompatible changes

Process images with less boilerplate and more flexibility than you've ever dreamed of.

  • loading images in a specific colorspace (RGB, HSV, grayscale, and more) with a single command
  • converting image colorspaces
  • The functions accept numpy arrays and Pillow images as input and return the same type
  • defining the shapes to be drawn on top of an image in a declarative way as a list of dicts and passing it to draw()
  • Many more (TODO: Link to tocs)

Example (TODO)


First, install opencv

if [[ ! $(pip freeze | grep -Pi 'opencv') ]]; then 
    pip install opencv-python 

Then, install this package

pip install katalytic-images


  • make pillow an optional dependency.
    • setup_load_image() should pick opencv if pillow is not available
  • image thresholding and masking operations
  • interactive data exploration widgets (maybe as part of another package)
  • higher level API on top of opencv
  • utilities for video processing


We appreciate any form of contribution, including but not limited to:

  • Code contributions: Enhance our repository with your code and tests.
  • Feature suggestions: Your ideas can shape the future development of our package.
  • Architectural improvements: Help us optimize our system's design and API.
  • Bug fixes: Improve user experience by reporting or resolving issues.
  • Documentation: Help us maintain clear and up-to-date instructions for users.

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