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A client for katportal.

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A client for simple access to katportal, via websocket and HTTP connections. The HTTP methods allow once-off requests, like the current list of schedule blocks. For continuous updates, use the Pub/Sub methods, which work over a websocket.


Details can be found in but basically it is only:

  • katversion
  • tornado is used as the web framework and for its asynchronous functionality.

Note: depends on katversion, so make sure that is installed before installing the package.


pip install katportalclient

Example usage

See the examples folder for code that demonstrates some usage scenarios.



v0.2.2 (2020-04-30)

Full Changelog

Merged pull requests:

  • Generate documentation as part of CI build. #61 (mmphego)
  • Install latest ujson to fix float truncation #59 (lanceWilliams)
  • Changed build agent from Ubuntu Trusty to Bionic #58 (mmphego)
  • Automate code linting and reject PR if fails. #57 (mmphego)

v0.2.1 (2019-09-13)

Full Changelog

Merged pull requests:

v0.2.0 (2019-09-11)

Full Changelog

Merged pull requests:

v0.1.1 (2019-08-30)

Full Changelog

Merged pull requests:

  • add license and long_description to #50 (tockards)

v0.1.0 (2019-08-29)

Full Changelog

Closed issues:

  • Mixed messages on code reuse #28

Merged pull requests:

  • add initial changelog #48 (tockards)
  • Make katportalclient work on newer versions of Tornado #45 (bmerry)
  • Capture block ID usage in examples #44 (bngcebetsha)
  • Request a list of sb_ids associated with a given capture block ID #43 (bngcebetsha)
  • Trigger downstream publish #42 (sw00)
  • Doc strings updated #41 (rohanschwartz)
  • Add multiple sensor readings request #40 (lanceWilliams)
  • Add Python 3 compatibility #38 (ajoubertza)
  • Increase HTTP request timeout to 60 seconds #35 (ajoubertza)
  • Add sensor\_value function that returns latest sensor reading #34 (SKAJohanVenter)
  • Revert new katstore changes on master #32 (ajoubertza)
  • User/bulelani/cb 1824/add test for subarray sensor lookup #30 (bxaia)
  • Update license details to BSD #29 (ajoubertza)
  • Allow sensor subarray lookup for component names #27 (ajoubertza)
  • added a sensor_subarray_lookup method that calls a katportal endpoint… #26 (bxaia)
  • Fix sensor_detail request if duplicates found #25 (ajoubertza)
  • Improved usage of katpoint for better clarity #24 (fjoubert)
  • added example usage of the katpoint target and antenna objects #23 (fjoubert)
  • Added auth, userlogs, removed future targets details and many unit tests #22 (fjoubert)
  • Reconnection logic + resending jsonrpc requests on reconnect #21 (fjoubert)
  • Improve basic websocket subscription example #20 (ajoubertza)
  • Methods and example of how to get schedule block targets and target details from our catalogues #19 (fjoubert)
  • User/lize/cb 1498 fix retrieve sensor data #18 (lvdheever)
  • User/lize/cb 1498 #17 (lvdheever)
  • Allow simultaneous sensor history requests #16 (ajoubertza)
  • Allow historical sensor queries #15 (ajoubertza)
  • Add sensor list and sensor detail functions #14 (ajoubertza)
  • jenkinsfile tweaks to always checkout the correct head of the branch;… #13 (fjoubert)
  • Methods to get schedule block info #12 (ajoubertza)
  • Request sitemap from portal webserver on initialisation #11 (ajoubertza)
  • Flake8, docstring and copyright fixes #10 (ajoubertza)
  • improved debug logging call #9 (fjoubert)
  • better local branch checkout in Jenkinsfile #8 (fjoubert)
  • Indentation fix #7 (bxaia)
  • User/bulelani/jenkinsfile archive artifacts #6 (fjoubert)
  • Jenkinsfile & local version #5 (fjoubert)

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