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A Python compiler for the kaze Virtual Machine

Project description

Python compiler for the kaze Virtual Machine


The ``kaze-boa`` compiler is a tool for compiling Python files to the
``.avm`` format for usage in the `kaze Virtual
Machine <>`__ which is used to
execute contracts on the `kaze
Blockchain <>`__.

The compiler supports a subset of the Python language ( in the same way
that a *boa constrictor* is a subset of the Python snake species)

What does it currently do

- Compiles a subset of the Python language to the ``.avm`` format for
use in the `kaze Virtual
Machine <>`__
- Works for Python 3.6+
- Adds debugging map for debugging in kaze-python or other kaze debuggers

What will it do

- Compile a larger subset of the Python language

Get Help or give help

- Open a new
`issue <>`__ if you
encounter a problem.
- Or ping **@localhuman** on the `kaze official community
chatroom <>`__.
- Pull requests welcome. New features, writing tests and documentation
are all needed.


Make sure you are using a Python 3.6 or greater virtual environment



pip install kaze-boa


This project contains a Dockerfile to batch compile Python smart
contracts. Clone the repository and navigate into the docker sub
directory of the project. Run the following command to build the


docker build -t kaze-boa .

The kaze-boa Docker container takes a directory on the host containing
python smart contracts as an input and a directory to compile the .avm
files to as an output. It can be executed like this:


docker run -it -v /absolute/path/input_dir:/python-contracts -v /absolute/path/output_dir:/compiled-contracts kaze-boa

The -v (volume) command maps the directories on the host to the
directories within the container.


Clone the repository and navigate into the project directory. Make a
Python 3 virtual environment and activate it via:


python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

or, to install Python 3.6 specifically:


virtualenv -p /usr/local/bin/python3.6 venv
source venv/bin/activate

Then, install the requirements:


pip install -r requirements.txt


The compiler may be used like in the following example:


from boa.compiler import Compiler



You can `read the docs
here <>`__.


All tests are located in ``boa_test/test``. Tests can be run with the following command ``python -m unittest discover boa_test``


- Open-source `MIT <>`__.
- Main author is `localhuman <>`__.


Accepted at **ATEMNPSjRVvsXmaJW4ZYJBSVuJ6uR2mjQU**

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