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An integrated shell for working effectively with multiple Kubernetes clusters

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No Need to Type kubectl Every Time

Kbsh accepts the same commands as Kubectl, except you don’t need to provide the kubectl prefix.

If you want to run a shell command rather than a Kubectl command, you can add the ! prefix to your command.

Switch Contexts/Namespaces on the Fly

You can provide --context (or -c) option to switch the context, and --namespace (or -n) option to switch the namespace, before executing the command.

Show Contexts and Namespaces at Toolbar

One man names a resource, many have to remember it. It may help to display all contexts and namespaces at the bottom of the shell so that no need to use config get-contexts and get ns.

Aliases and Short Options

Built-in aliases:

  • g -> get

  • d -> describe

  • e -> exec -i -t

  • l `` -> ``logs

  • lt -> logs --tail

  • ld -> logs deploy/

Built-in short options:

  • -t -> --tail

  • -c -> --context

Although, do not support configuration yet.

Highlight Output

Upstream Features

Kbsh is forked from kube-shell, and keeps all its features.


pip install kbsh


Kbsh has been working great for my personal use case. But given that its aim is to increase productivity and easy of use, it can be improved in a number of ways. If you have suggestions for improvements or new features, or run into a bug please open an issue here.


Kbsh is forked from kube-shell.

Kube-shell is inspired by AWS Shell, SAWS and uses awesome Python prompt toolkit

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