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A configurable replacement for `kedro catalog create`.

Project description

Kedro Auto Catalog

A configurable version of the built in kedro catalog create cli. Default types can be configured in the projects, to get these types rather than MemoryDataSets.

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pip install kedro-auto-catalog


Configure the project defaults in src/<project_name>/ with this dict.

    "directory": "data",
    "subdirs": ["raw", "intermediate", "primary"],
    "layers": ["raw", "intermediate", "primary"],
    "default_extension": "parquet",
    "default_type": "pandas.ParquetDataSet",


To auto create catalog entries for the __default__ pipeline, run this from the command line.

kedro auto-catalog -p __default__

If you want a reminder of what to do, use the --help.

 kedro auto-catalog --help❯
Usage: kedro auto-catalog [OPTIONS]

  Create Data Catalog YAML configuration with missing datasets.

  Add configurable datasets to Data Catalog YAML configuration file for each
  dataset in a registered pipeline if it is missing from the `DataCatalog`.

  The catalog configuration will be saved to
  `<conf_source>/<env>/catalog/<pipeline_name>.yml` file.

  Configure the project defaults in `src/<project_name>/` with this

  -e, --env TEXT       Environment to create Data Catalog YAML file in.
                       Defaults to `base`.
  -p, --pipeline TEXT  Name of a pipeline.  [required]
  -h, --help           Show this message and exit.


Using the kedro-spaceflights example, running kedro auto-catalog -p __default__ yields the following catalog in conf/base/catalog/__default__.yml

  filepath: data/X_test.pq
  type: pandas.ParquetDataSet
  filepath: data/X_train.pq
  type: pandas.ParquetDataSet
  filepath: data/y_test.parquet
  type: pandas.ParquetDataSet
  filepath: data/y_train.parquet
  type: pandas.ParquetDataSet

subdirs and layers

If we use the example configuration with "subdirs": ["raw", "intermediate", "primary"] and "layers": ["raw", "intermediate", "primary"], it will convert any leading subdir/layer in your dataset name into a directory. If we change y_test to raw_y_test, it will put y_test.parquet in the raw directory, and in the raw layer.

  filepath: data/raw/y_test.parquet
  layer: raw
  type: pandas.ParquetDataSet


kedro-auto-catalog is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

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