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Python API and CLI for KeePassX

Project description

Python KeepassX

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`KeePassX`_ is a cross platform password manager. However, KeePassX is a desktop
GUI application. That's where ``python-keepassx`` comes in. By using
``python-keepassx``, you can access your passwords using a command line
interface to KeePassX. You can also use the python library directly in your
own python applications.

Python-keepassx: **simple**, command line interface to your passwords.

$ kp -d password.kdb list

| Title | Uuid | GroupName |
| mytitle | c4d301502050cd695e353b16094be4a7 | Internet |

$ kp -d demo.kdb get Github

title: Github
username: githubuser

Password has been copied to clipboard.

Aren't there similar projects already?

Yes. This project is different because it has:

* A simple, straightforward API.
* Full support for key files.
* Both a command line interface and a python API.
* Support for python 2.7, 3.3, and 3.4 (and higher).


Check out the `docs`_ and the `getting started guide`_ for more info.

Check out the `changelog`_ to see what's in the latest release.

.. _docs:
.. _getting started guide:
.. _changelog:

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