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Keeper Secrets Manager plugins for Ansible.

Project description

Keeper Secrets Manager Ansible

This module contains plugins that allow your Ansible automations to use Keeper Secrets Manager.

  • keeper_cache_records - Generate a cache to use with other actions.
  • keeper_copy - Similar to ansible.builtin.copy. Uses the KSM vault for the source/content.
  • keeper_get - Retrieve secrets from a record.
  • keeper_set - Update an existing record from Ansible information.
  • keeper_init - Initialize a KSM configuration from a one-time access token.
  • keeper_cleanup - Remove the cache file, if being used.
  • keeper_lookup - Retrieve secrets from a record using Ansible's lookup.
  • keeper_redact - Stdout Callback plugin to redact secrets from logs.
  • keeper_password - Generate a random password.
  • keeper_info - Display information about plugin, record and field types.

For more information see our official documentation page



  • Added action keeper_cache_records to cache Keeper Vault records to reduce API calls.
  • Added ability to get records by title for some actions.
  • Added array_index and value_key to access individual values in complex values. Alternative to notation.
  • Update pinned KSM SDK version.


  • Update pinned KSM SDK version. The KSM SDK has been updated to use OpenSSL 3.0.7 which resolves CVE-2022-3602, CVE-2022-3786.


  • Move check for custom record type in keeper_create plugin.
  • Keeper Secret Manager SDK version pinned to 16.3.5 or greater. Allows extra field parameters that come from Keeper Commander.


  • Per PEP 263, added # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- to top of file to prevent errors on system that are not UTF-8.


  • Added keeper_create, keeper_password, keeper_info action plugins.
  • Fixed complex strings not regular expressions escaping properly for keeper_redact.
  • Added keeper_app_owner_public_key to the keeper_init plugin configuration generation. keeper_app_owner_public_key also added to Ansible variables.


  • Fixed misspelled collection name in


  • First Ansible Galaxy release

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