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A Keras Callback that uploads your Tensorboard logs to a Cloud Bucket

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Keras Bucket Tensorboard Callback

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A Keras Callback that uploads your Tensorboard logs to a Cloud Bucket

Currently, only Google Cloud Platform Storage is supported. Very little effort is needed to support AWS S3, so feel free to contribute to this project.


pip install keras-bucket-tensorboard-callback

Basic usage

The following example trains uploads the Tensorboard logs to you GCP Storage bucket my-bucket, inside the directory any_dir:

# Import the class
from keras_bucket_tensorboard_callback import BucketTensorBoard

# Create the callback instance, passing the bucket URI
bucket_callback = BucketTensorBoard('gs://my-bucket/any_dir')

# Train the model with the callback

Make sure you have access to the provided bucket. For GCP, you should have the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS env set, pointing to your json key file.

Viewing the results on TensorBoard

With tensorboard installed your environment, run:

tensorboard --logdir=gs://my-bucket/any_dir

The TensorBoard will show your metrics and graphs saved on the bucket.

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