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Kernel method for out-of-sample extension

Project description


Python implementation of the kernel method for out-of-sample extension (OOSE) of dimensionality reduction techniques.

Based on "Parametric nonlinear dimensionality reduction using kernel t-SNE" by Gisbrecht, Schulz, and Hammer.

The kernel method is particularly useful for projection techniques that are computationally expensive and/or have non-convex objective functions, such as t-SNE.


pip install kerneloose

Usage example

The syntax follows scikit learn conventions. Assume hd_data is a numpy array containing high-dimensional data, and an array ld_data of equal length but lower dimension was obtained by some projection technique. An OOSE of that projection can be obtained by:

from kerneloose import KernelMap

kernel_oose = KernelMap(), ld_data)

The mapping can be applied to new_data (with same dimensionality as ld_data) simply by:


Parameters of the calculated OOSE mapping can be saved and loaded for later use:'some/file/name')

resume_later = KernelMap()

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