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A Simple python package to generate customizable keys.

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A simple, yet highly customizable python package to generate professional keys.


Use the package manager pip to install key_generator.

pip install key-generator


from key_generator.key_generator import generate

key = generate(seed = 101)
print(key.get_key())  # be1679-6ae28652eb-fa7cd6-de96-a8cc

key_custom = generate(5, '-', 3, 3, type_of_value = 'hex', capital = 'none', extras = ['%', '&', '^'], seed = 42).get_key()
print(key_custom)  # ^54-10e-fa&-%34-e3e

key_custom_2 = generate(2, ['-', ':'], 3, 10, type_of_value = 'char', capital = 'mix', seed = 17).get_key()
print(key_custom_2)  # ZLFdHXIUe-ekwJCu


parameter type optional default description
num_of_atom int yes 5 Number of parts/atoms of the key to be generated.
separator string,list yes '-' Separates the parts/atoms by separator is given a string.
If given a list, randomly chooses separators in between the atoms.
min_atom_len int yes 3 Minimum length of each part/atom.
max_atom_len int yes 10 Maximum length of each part/atom.
type_of_value string yes 'hex' Can be one of the following 3 options: hex, char, int.

hex -> key can have values only from 0-9, a-f, or A-F(depending on capital parameter).
char -> key can have values only from a-z or A-Z(depending on capital parameter).
int -> key can have values only between 0-9.
capital string yes 'none' Can be one of the following 3 options: none, all, mix.

none -> All the values in the generated key will be lowercase.
all -> All the values in the generated key will be uppercase.
mix -> A mix of both upper and lower case randomly.
extras list yes [] List of extra symbols or characters that you want to include in each part/atom.
Adds these symbols to the bucket to randomly choose characters in the atom.
seed int yes None Choose a seed value for the random key generated.
Returns the same pseudo-random value every time for a given seed value.


Run the following commands and check all tests pass.

>> git clone
>> cd key-generator/tests
>> python       # will show how many tests passed and how many failed


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure all the above tests pass before opening a pull request.



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