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Simple wrapper of

Project description

kinopoisk unofficial API

This is simple python package for getting data from unofficial kinopoisk API.



pip install kinopoisk-unofficial-api


poetry add kinopoisk-unofficial-api

Getting token

Why this not work. What the token and why this require it from me? For interact to API you should getting api token. That get it you need sign up to their site. After register go to profile and save your token somewhere.

How to use

For begin you should create the KPClient instance.

from kinopoisk import KPClient

client = KPClient(<your token>)

When you have client you can used all functional this library.

Getting movie

matrix = await client.get_movie_data(301)

You can get e.g. name, release date, raiting, length of this movie and more.
'The Matrix'

If you not know movie id (that to be often) may use another method named search_movie

answer = await client.search_movie('Mr. Robot')
mr_robot = answer[0] # If you search popular movie, that usually this movie should be to first

Getting data of movie

In previous example we got tv series. By default it take without it seasons. That load it you should get it id and call to method of client get_seasons_data

seasons = await client.get_seasons_data(
for season in seasons:

Yet this not exactly conveniently. Store seasons and it tv series between it may be not good idea. So that, you may not splitting data, for it need call tv series method load_seasons.

await mr_robot.load_seasons(client)
for season in mr_robot.seasons:
# Or just
for season in mr_robot:

Season have a episodes (Seriously?) that may be get it same way.

for season in mr_robot:
    for episode in season:
		# First episode named ''

Getting facts and bloopers of movie

for fact in await client.get_facts(

Getting persons

bc = (await client.search_person('Benedict Cumberbatch'))[0]
await bc.get_all_data(client)
print(bc.birthday.strftime("%d %B, %Y"))
# Output 19 July, 1976

Or you can get persons of some movie

persons = await mr_robot.get_persons(client)
actors = []
for person in persons:
    if person.is_actor:
for actor in actors[:10]: print(f'{}: {actor.character}')

Getting reviews

reviews = await mr_robot.get_reviews(client)
for review in reviews: print(f'{} - {review.title}:\n{review.text}')

Getting similars movies

movies = await mr_robot.get_similars(client)
for movie in movies:
Fight Club
Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher
The Matrix
A Beautiful Mind
The Social Network
The Fifth Estate
V for Vendetta
Black Mirror

Getting images

You can get different images e.g. posters wallpapers, backstage photo and more

images = await mr_robot.get_images(client, ImageTypes.poster)
for image in images:

### Getting some tops

Best 250

for movie in (await client.get_top(TopTypes.best_250))[:5]:

Popular 100

for movie in (await client.get_top(TopTypes.popular_100))[:5]:


for movie in (await client.get_top(TopTypes.best_250))[:5]:

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