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HTTP server managing identities

Project description

Kisee — Identity Provider Server

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The name "Kisee", inspired from "KISS" ("Keep it simple, stupid.") is spoken as the french phrase "Qui c'est ?", [kis‿ɛ].


Kisee is an API giving JWTs in exchange for valid usernames/password pairs. That's it.

Kisee is better used as a backend of the Pasee identity manager: Pasee handle groups and can handle multiple identity backends (one or many Kisee instances, twitter, facebook, ...).

Kisee can use your existing database (or use a dedicated one) to query the username and passwrds if you're willing to implement a simple Python class to query it, so Kisee can query anything: LDAP, a flat file, a PostgreSQL database with a strange schema, whatever.

Quick start

$ pip install kisee
$ kisee --settings example-settings.toml

This starts Kisee with an in-memory demo backend, just so you can play. The demo backend will print the admin credentials at startup:

$ kisee --settings example-settings.toml

Admin credentials for this session is:
username: root
password: UGINenIU

======== Running on ========
(Press CTRL+C to quit)

So we can start by getting a JWT for the admin user (beware, your password is different):

$ curl 0:8140/jwt/ -XPOST -d '{"username": "root", "password": "UGINenIU"}'
    "_type": "document",
    "_meta": {
        "url": "/jwt/",
        "title": "JSON Web Tokens"
    "tokens": [
    "add_token": {
        "_type": "link",
        "action": "post",
        "title": "Create a new JWT",
        "description": "POSTing to this endpoint create JWT tokens.",
        "fields": [
                "name": "username",
                "required": true
                "name": "password",
                "required": true

It's possible for a new user to "self-register" by posting on /users/:

$ curl -i 0:8140/users/ -XPOST -d '{"username": "JohnDoe", "password": "sdfswlwl", "email": ""}'
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: /users/JohnDoe/

Read the docs:

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