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SEO optimizations plugin for Plone

Project description

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SEO enhancements for the Plone Content Management System. Please note that kitconcept.seo is an add-on product for Volto, the React-based frontend for Plone that will become Plone 6. If you are looking for a full featured SEO solution for Plone 4, we suggest looking into fourdigits.seo.


  • Allows to override meta title and meta description per page

  • Allows to set the noindex header to exclude pages from being indexed

  • Allows to set a canonical URL

  • Allows to set Open Graph title, description and image



This add-on can be seen in action at the following sites:


This product has been translated into

  • German


Install kitconcept.seo by adding it to your buildout:



eggs =

and then running bin/buildout

Than start up your Plone site and open it on localhost:8080 in your browser. Log into your site and and click on the user symbol on the bottom left of the page. Choose Site Setup there. Now go to Add-ons and click Install at kitconcept.seo.

Enable the SEO behavior

To enable the SEO tab for a specific content type you have to enable the kitconcept.seo behavior. Go to the page setup and then to the Dexterity Content Types control panel. Choose the content type you want to enable SEO for and enable the kitconcept.seo behavior.

Enable the SEO behavior programmatically

Enable the kitconcept.seo behavior by adding the behavior to the Factory Type Information (FTI) of your type in your generic setup profile. E.g. to enable SEO for the document type, drop a Document.xml file into the profiles/default/types folder of your add-on product with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<object name="Document" meta_type="Dexterity FTI" i18n:domain="plone"
  <property name="behaviors" purge="False">
    <element value="kitconcept.seo" />

Add to Volto site

To add kitconcept.seo to your Volto page you need to edit the component you want to use it for. If you want use it for your whole page you can use it in the View.jsx (see here for further information on editing views in Volto). First you have to define the PropTypes for the seo elements by adding:

seo_title: PropTypes.string,
seo_description: PropTypes.string,

… to the PropTypes of the component.

Than you use React-Helmet to set the title and description of the component. So import React-Helmet with:

import Helmet from 'react-helmet';

And finally add this to the jsx code of your component:

           ? this.props.content.seo_title
           : this.props.content.title
           ? [
                 name: 'description',
                 content: this.props.content.seo_description,
           : [
                 name: 'description',
                 content: this.props.content.description,
         class: `view-${viewName.toLowerCase()}`,

Usage in Volto

In your Volto page you need to go to the edit mode of the page you want to add a title and description for SEO and open the properties of the page by clicking the properties under the save button. Choose SEO there and add a title and description in the fields. When you are done hit the save button.



If you are having issues, please let us know:


The project is licensed under the GPLv2.



2.0.1 (2021-11-01)

  • Explicitly include dependencies (supporting pip installations) [ericof]

  • Use plone/setup-plone@v1.0.0 in Github actions [ericof]

2.0.0 (2021-09-24)

  • Add Python 3.8/3.9 support [timo]

  • Drop Python 2 support. [timo]

  • Drop Plone 5 support. [timo]

  • Add Italian translations. [cekk]

1.4.0 (2020-04-08)

  • Remove maxlength parameter from seo fields. [timo]

1.3.0 (2020-03-24)

  • Add Open Graph title, description and image. [timo]

  • Add German translation. [timo]

1.2.1 (2020-01-16)

  • Re-release 1.2.0. [timo]

1.2.0 (2020-01-16)

  • Add canonical_url option. [timo]

1.1.0 (2020-01-10)

  • Add noindex option. [timo]

1.0.0 (2019-05-14)

  • Python 3 compatibility. [timo]

  • Plone 5.2 compatibility. [timo]

  • Remove unnecessary plone.directives.form test dependency. [timo]

  • Use black formatter. [timo]

1.0.0a1 (2018-07-09)

  • Initial release. [kitconcept]

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