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command-line HTTP request wrapper for takosan .

Project description

kite-string(凧糸) is Python(2.6-3.4) command-line HTTP request wrapper for takosan .


For Users

from PyPI

$ pip install kite-string

from Github

$ pip install git+


$ kite -h

  --version           show the version and exit
  --channel TEXT      Name of notice channel, or id (e.g. #example, @id)
  --name TEXT         set botname
  --color TEXT        set color border along the left side of the message
                      attachment [good|warning|danger|<hex color code>]  (e.g.
  --message TEXT      Simple post messages
  --icon TEXT         set image url or emoji (e.g. :shachikun:)
  --pretext TEXT      This is optional text that appears above the message
                      attachment block
  --author-name TEXT  Small text used to display the author's name
  --author-icon TEXT  A valid URL that displays a small 16x16px image to the
                      left of the author_name text. Will only work if
                      author_name is present
  --author-link TEXT  A valid URL that will hyperlink the `author_name` text
                      mentioned above. Will only work if `author_name` is
  --title TEXT        The title is displayed as larger, bold text near the top
                      of a message attachment
  --title-link TEXT   By passing a valid URL. the `title` text will be
  --text TEXT         This is the main text in a message attachment, and can
                      contain standard message markup
  --image-url TEXT    A valid URL to an image file that will be displayed
                      inside a message attachment (Slack currently support the
                      following formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP.)
  -h, --help          Show this message and exit.


Simple Post

$ kite \
> --name 'laugh_k' \
> --icon '' \
> --channel '@laughk' \
> --text 'hello' \

Multi channel Post

$ kite \
> --name 'laugh_k' \
> --icon '' \
> --channel '#notice_channel1' \
> --channel '#notice_channel2' \
> --text 'hello' \

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