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Kite History API wrapper

Project description


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``kitehistory`` is a wrapper around `Kite Historical
API <>`__

Installation :


pip install kitehistory


Options :


--symbol Stock symbol of the instrument.
--interval Time interval for the tick data.
--from_date Start date indicating the start of records.
--to_date End date indicating the end of records.
--exchange Exchange Name. (MCX/NSE/BSE/NFO/CDS/BFO/MCXSX)
--output Output filename to save `csv`
--path Specify path to directory to store instruments master
along with access token keys
--verbose Enable verbose logging

Example Usage :


kitehistory -s TCS -i day -f 2017-05-15 -t 2017-06-05 -e NSE -o TCS.csv --verbose

.. figure:: screens/tcs.png
:alt: img

First Time Setup

``kitehistory`` depends on Kite API to fetch instruments master file in
``.csv``. You need to create an appllication at and export the following keys in your


export KITE_API_KEY='your-kite-api-key'
export KITE_SECRET='your-kite-secret-key'
export KITE_REQUEST_TOKEN='your-kite-request-token'

How it works ?

Kite API requires instrument-token to fetch the historical data. The
idea behind this wrapper is to fetch the instruments master file and
query it for the required symbol to fetch instrument token. Once the
token is fetched, it uses Kite's API to get the historical data and
saves the output in a ``.csv`` ready for analysis etc.


- `pandas <>`__
- `Kite API <>`__
- `pykiteconnect <pykiteconnect>`__
- `requests <>`__


Feel free to report any issues and/or send PRs for additional features.


MIT © Karan Sharma `LICENSE included here <LICENSE>`__

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