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kivyredux - Redux for Kivy

Project description

Kivy Redux

kivyredux is a python package, which allows to implement the Redux's like implementation done on Kivy inspired from Kovak's redux implementation


Use the pip package manager to install the kivy-redux package

pip install kivyredux


kivy-redux requires a python of version on or later 3.x i.e., python>=3.x


  • State

    • State object lets you create a simple State similar to dictionary except it has stores them as attributes
      • get to get a requested attribute from state (instance method)
      • update to update a particular attribute within the state (instance method)
      • Static methods

        • get_key get a common attribute inside a State object
        • update_key update a common attribute within the state object
  • Action

    • Action class lets you create actions for every dispatch to be mapped
      • Action(action_type, **data_to_be_used_by_action)
        • data_to_be_used_by_action are created as an dictionary of data used by the Action instance - @property --- Defaults to empty dictionary
        • action_type - identifier of action
  • Reducer

    • Reducer class lets you create a reducer object to be passed to Store for updating the state
      • Reducer(reducer_id, reducer_cb)
        • reducer_id unique identifier for the reducer --- Defaults to a random string
        • reducer_cb Callback function to be associated with the reducer instance --- Defaults to None
  • Store

    • Store is the common store class which allows to handle connection with all the widgets and their properties being binded and mapped with state for updates
    • Store(reducers, state)
      • reducers is the collection of reducers that are associated with callback -- Defaults to an empty collection
      • state is the state which the store will handle with the dispatch of action within widgets and maps the state of widget properties with updated state --- Defaults to and empty State object
      • Instance Methods

        • connect(mapper, dispatcher, widget)
          • mapper -> mapping function for widget props whenever state is updated --- Defaults to None
          • dispatcher -> binded with the widget's property and dispatches the action for any property changes --- Defaults to None
            • Function parameter -> dispatch_function, widget
            • Function to return
                        prop_name:lambda *largs, **kwargs: dispatch_function(prop_action)
                    } // new properties for the widget
          • widget -> Widget to bind with store
        • add_mapping_binding(widget, new_mapper, new_dispatcher, replace_mapping, replace_binding)
          • widget -> Widget to insert additional mapping and binding function
          • new_mapper -> new mapping function -- Defaults to None
          • new_dispatcher -> new dispatch function Similar to connect function -- Defaults to None
          • replace_mapping -> replace the exisiting mapping function with new_mapping --- Defaults to False
          • replace_binding -> unbind all initially binded properties and bind newly dispatched proeprties --- Defaults to False
        • add_reducer(new_reducer) *new_reducer -> new reducer to be added to reducer's connection --- Must be of Reducer type

from kivyredux import State, Store, Action, Reducer
common_state = State(saying_hi=False, saying_bye=True) #Can also user [common_state={}]
def sample_reducer(action, state=common_state):
    if action.type == 'HI':
        previous_value = state.get('saying_hi')
        state.update('saying_hi', not previous_value)
    elif action.type == 'BYE':
        previous_value =state.get('saying_bye')
        state.update('saying_bye', not previous_value)
    return state
hi_bye_reducer = Reducer(reducer_cb=sample_reducer)
hi_action = Action(action_type='HI')
bye_action = Action(action_type='BYE')
common_store = Store(reducers=[hi_bye_reducer], state=common_state)
#sample widget
#:kivy 1.1.0
    text:'HI' if self.hi else 'Bye'
#Functional component cannot be specified with basic props
#    color:[1,1,1,1] #doesn't work
from kivy.uix.label import Label
from kivy.lang.builder import Builder
from .store import common_store, hi_action, bye_action
#class components
class Hi(Label):
        Class component which inherits Label widget
    __widget__ = 'HiClass' # [IMPORTANT] to map with .kv file's name

def mapper(state, widget):
    #Maps Hi
    widget.hi = state.get('saying_hi')

def dispatcher(dispatch, widget):
    #dispatches hi action
    return {
            'hi':lambda *largs, **kwargs: dispatch(hi_action)

HiClass= common_store.connect(mapper, dispatcher, Hi)#class component created

def bye_mapper(state,widget):
    #Maps bye
    widget.bye = state.get('saying_bye')

def bye_dispatcher(dispatch, widget):
    #Dispatches bye action
    return {
            'bye':lambda *largs, **kwargs: dispatch(bye_action)

def ByeFunction(*largs, **kwargs):
        Functional component which returns a Label widget
    return Label(**kwargs)

ByeFunction = cs.connect(bye_mapper, bye_dispatcher, ByeFunction)#Functional component created
from import App
from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
from .hi import HiClass, ByeFunction
from kivy.factory import Factory
class HBContainer(BoxLayout):

class HBApp(App):
    def build(self):
        Factory.register('ByeFunction', cls=ByeFunction)
        Factory.register('HiClass', cls=HiClass)
        return HBContainer()

        text:'Bye' if self.bye else 'Hi'



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