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Define const field and const class, customize it as You Like (Python)

Project description

kkconst is a constant-tools library.

Support Types:

int, str, bytes, datetime

In PY2: with unicode


int: status_code

from __future__ import print_function
import json
from collections import OrderedDict
from kkconst import BaseConst, ConstIntField

class BaseStatusCode(BaseConst):
    class Meta:
        allow_duplicated_value = False  # status_code should be no duplicated value

    def get_message(cls, status_code, default=None):
        return cls.get_verbose_name(status_code, default=default)

class StatusCodeField(ConstIntField):
    def __init__(self, status_code, message=u"", description=u""):
        ConstIntField.__init__(status_code, verbose_name=message, description=description)
        self.message = message

class ServiceStatusCode(BaseStatusCode):
    SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE = StatusCodeField(10001, u"service unavailable", description=u"server is sleeping/服务打盹了")

status_code = ServiceStatusCode.SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
assert isinstance(status_code, ConstIntField)
assert isinstance(status_code, int)

print(status_code.verbose_name) # "service unavailable"
print(status_code.description)  # "server is sleeping"
print(ServiceStatusCode.get_verbose_name(status_code))  # "service unavailable"

# for restful response
response_data = OrderedDict()
response_data["status_code"] = status_code
response_data["message"] = status_code.verbose_name  # also status_code.message is the same value
response_data["description"] = status_code.description
response_data["extra_message"] = "may you live in an interesting time"
print(json.dumps(response_data, indent=2))
# {
#    "status_code": 10001,
#    "message": "service unavailable",
#    "description": "server is sleeping",
#    "extra_message": "may you live in an interesting time"
# }
# def views(request):
#     ...
#     return HttpResponse(200, response_data, "application/json")

float: math constant

from __future__ import print_function
from kkconst import (

class MathConst(BaseConst):
    PI = ConstFloatField(3.1415926, verbose_name=u"Pi")
    E = ConstFloatField(2.7182818284, verbose_name=u"mathematical constant")  # Euler's number"
    GOLDEN_RATIO = ConstFloatField(0.6180339887, verbose_name=u"Golden Ratio")

magic_num = MathConst.GOLDEN_RATIO
assert isinstance(magic_num, ConstFloatField)
assert isinstance(magic_num, float)

print(magic_num)  # 0.6180339887
print(magic_num.verbose_name)  # Golden Ratio
print(MathConst.get_verbose_name(magic_num))  # Golden Ratio
print(MathConst.get_verbose_name(magic_num.TYPE(magic_num)))  # Golden Ratio
print(MathConst.get_verbose_name(0.6180339887))  # Golden Ratio
print(MathConst.get_verbose_name(0.618033988))  # None
print(MathConst.get_verbose_name(0.618))  # None

str: system message

from kkconst import BaseConst, ConstStringField
# Python3 ConstStringField is equal to ConstUnicodeField
class SystemMessage(BaseConst):
    SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE = ConstStringField(u"service unavailable", verbose_name=u"Service is sleeping")
    PERMISSION_DENY = ConstStringField(u"permission deny", verbose_name=u"your have no permission")

datetime: released datetime

class ReleasedDatetime(BaseConst):
    PYTHON_2_0 = ConstDatetimeField("2000-10-16", verbose_name="PY2 Released")
    PYTHON_3_0 = ConstDatetimeField(datetime.datetime(year=2008, month=12, day=3), verbose_name="PY3 Released")

released_datetime = ReleasedDatetime.PYTHON_2_0
assert isinstance(field_value, ConstDatetimeField)
assert isinstance(field_value, datetime.datetime)

print(field_value.verbose_name)  # "PY2 Released"
print(ReleasedDatetime.get_verbose_name(field_value))  # "PY2 Released"

# param type is datetime
# output: PY2 Released

print(ReleasedDatetime.get_verbose_name(datetime.datetime(year=2000, month=10, day=16)))
# if raw_field_value is str, output None
# output: PY2 Released

Get It Now

$ pip install kkconst


MIT licensed. See the bundled LICENSE file for more details.


  • Python >= 2.7 or >= 3.4

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