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The most accurate Content Classification API. All-in-one domain data source

Project description


Klazify - The most accurate Content Classification API. All-in-one domain data source. Get Website Logos, Company Data, Categorization and much more from a URL or Email.

Key Features:

  • AI Powered Real-Time Categorization.
  • IAB Categorization.
  • Full Path URL support
  • Batch Enrichement importing a .CSV.
  • Extract Logo from any URL
  • Social Media Links Scraper API.
  • Multi-site license.
  • Service-level agreement (SLA).

Endpoints availables

The Klazify API comes with multiple endpoints, each providing different functionality. Please note that depending on your subscription plan, certain API endpoints may or may not be available.

  1. Categorization API

    • Retrieve the IAB and Klazify category for a specified domain.
  2. Logo API

    • Obtain the logo URL associated with a given domain.
  3. Company API

    • Provides comprehensive details regarding the categorization of a given domain, with a focus on information related to the identified company and its attributes.
  4. Website Tech Stack API

    • Returns the technological stack utilized by the requested website.
  5. IAB Categories API

    • Retrieves the IAB category and its confidence level (ranging from 0 to 1).
  6. Competitors API

    • Retrieves competitor domains.
  7. Similar Companies API

    • Identifies companies similar to the specified domain.
  8. Parked Domain API

    • Based on the content of a website, indicates whether a domain is parked or not.
  9. Social Media Links API

    • Retrieves the social media links associated with a given domain.


For comprehensive details regarding API endpoints, usage, and integration guidelines, please refer to our API Documentation.

Begin leveraging Klazify today to classify any domain or email! Visit and seamlessly integrate within minutes!


You can install Klazify Python SDK with pip.

pip install klazify


The Klazify Python SDK is a wrapper around the requests library. Klazify supports a GET request for now.

Sign-up to Klazify to get your API key and some credits to get started.

Making the GET request

>>> from klazify_api import KlazifyApiClient

>>> client = KlazifyApiClient(access_key='REPLACE-WITH-YOUR-ACCESS-KEY')

>>> response = client.categorize_url("URL")

Request Example

>>> from klazify_api import KlazifyApiClient

>>> client = KlazifyApiClient(access_key='REPLACE-WITH-YOUR-ACCESS-KEY')

>>> response = client.categorize_url("")

Response Example

    "domain": {
        "categories": [
                "confidence": 0.62,
                "name": "/Games/Computer & Video Games"
                "confidence": 0.52,
                "name": "/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics"
        "domain_url": "",
        "social_media": {
            "facebook_url": "",
            "twitter_url": "",
            "instagram_url": "",
            "medium_url": null,
            "youtube_url": null,
            "pinterest_url": null,
            "linkedin_url": null,
            "github_url": null
        "logo_url": ""
    "success": true,
    "objects": {
        "company": {
            "name": "Razer",
            "city": "Irvine",
            "stateCode": "CA",
            "countryCode": "US",
            "employeesRange": "1K-5K",
            "revenue": 1620000000,
            "raised": 110000,
            "tags": [
                "Information Technology & Services",
                "Consumer Electronics",
                "Computer Hardware",
            "tech": [
    "similar_domains": [
    "api_usage": {
        "this_month_api_calls": 679,
        "remaining_api_calls": 1321


>>> categorize_url(url: str)
>>> real_time_categorization(url: str)
>>> domain_logo(url: str)
>>> domain_company(url: str)
>>> domain_tech(url: str)
>>> domain_iab_categories(url: str)
>>> similar_domain(url: str)
>>> domain_expiration(url: str)
>>> domain_social_media(url: str)

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