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A simple python implementation of the W3C PROV data model

Project description


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A python library for W3C Provenance Data Model supporting PROV-O.

Kleio is free software released under the MIT license.


- An implementation of the W3C PROV Data Model in Python
- Supports serialization and deserialization as PROV-O in RDF/XML,
Turtle, TriG, N3, NTriples, and JSON-LD formats
- Supports provenance-of-provenance (PROV bundles) via named graphs
- Built using `RDFlib <>`_

Getting Started

Kleio can be installed from PyPI using the pip installer:


$ pip install kleio

From kleio use the prov module to generate PROV records and output

\`\`\`python from kleio import prov

prov.ns("test", "")

entity = prov.Entity("test:entity") entity.set\_label("example entity")

activity = prov.Activity("test:activity") activity.set\_label("example

print(prov.serialize(format="turtle")) \`\`\` output:


@prefix prov: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix test: <> .
@prefix xml: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .

<test:activity> a prov:Activity ;
rdfs:label "example activity" ;
prov:generated <test:entity> ;
prov:influenced <test:entity> .

<test:entity> a prov:Entity ;
rdfs:label "example entity" ;
prov:wasGeneratedBy <test:activity> ;
prov:wasInfluencedBy <test:activity> .

Kleio can also be used to load and update existing PROV-O records.


from kleio import prov

# load the existing PROV-O graph
prov.graph.load("load-example.ttl", format="turtle")

# get a reference to the existing entity with id="test:entity"
entity = prov.Entity("test:entity")

# ... update entity ...


More information is available on the project webpage:

Continuous integration status details available from Travis CI:

The documentation can be built by doing:


$ python build_sphinx

And is also available from ReadTheDocs:

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