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KNX / EIB library

Project description

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A minimalistic KNX / EIB python library.

Sending telegrams

This library can be used to send data telegrams to actuators in the bus system.

For example in order to turn on a light the following code could be used:

>>> from knx import connect
>>> with connect() as c:
...     c.write('0/1/14', 1)

Where 0/1/14 is the address of the light and 1 is the payload of the data telegram which indicates that the light should be turned on.

Listening to telegrams

This KNX library can also be used to listen to telegrams that are sent onto the bus system. For example if you simply want to log an entry each time a light is turned off or on:

>>> import knx
>>> import asyncio

>>> @knx.coroutine
... def logger():
...     while True:
...         telegram = (yield)
...         print('Telegram from {0} sent to {1} with value: {2}'.format(
...               telegram.src, telegram.dst, telegram.value))

>>> loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
>>> coro = knx.bus_monitor(logger(), host='localhost', port=6720)
>>> loop.run_until_complete(coro)

Install & Requirements

  • Python >= 3.6

Install using pip:

$ pip install knx


I’ve only tested this with eibd 0.0.5 and the fork knxd as a gateway.


If you’re looking for complete home automation solutions you might want to take a look at home-assistant or smarthome.


Edit in your favorite editor and run tests using python -m unittest or python

If you want to run the examples without first installing this library you can use:

python -m -- hostname '0/0/20'

(Replace actor with the appropriate module name and omit the arguments if the module doesn’t require them)

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