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Convert Gregorian date to Kollavarsham date and vice versa

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Convert Gregorian date to Kollavarsham date and vice versa


TypeScript/JavaScript/Node.js NPM version

$ npm install kollavarsham

Python PyPI version

$ pip install kollavarsham

Java Maven version


C#/dotnet NuGet version

$ dotnet add package KollavarshamOrg.Converter



import { Kollavarsham } from 'kollavarsham';

const options = {
  system: 'SuryaSiddhanta',
  latitude: 10,
  longitude: 76.2

const kollavarsham = new Kollavarsham(options);

const today = kollavarsham.fromGregorianDate(new Date());

console.log(today.year, today.mlMasaName,, `(${today.mlNaksatraName})`);


import datetime
import pytz
import kollavarsham

now = pytz.utc.localize(datetime.datetime.utcnow())
kv = kollavarsham.Kollavarsham(latitude=10, longitude=76.2, system="SuryaSiddhanta")

today = kv.from_gregorian_date(date=now)
print(today.year, today.ml_masa_name,, '(' + today.naksatra.ml_malayalam + ')')


package org.kollavarsham.tester;

import java.time.Instant;

import org.kollavarsham.converter.Kollavarsham;
import org.kollavarsham.converter.KollavarshamDate;
import org.kollavarsham.converter.Settings;
import org.kollavarsham.converter.Settings.Builder;

public class App {
    public static void main( final String[] args) {
        final Settings settings = new Builder().latitude(10).longitude(76.2).system("SuryaSiddhanta").build();
        final Kollavarsham kv = new Kollavarsham(settings);
        final KollavarshamDate today = kv.fromGregorianDate(;
        System.out.println( today.getYear() + today.getMlMasaName() + today.getDate() + '(' + today.getMlNaksatraName() + ')' );


using System;

namespace KollavarshamOrg.Tester
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var settings = new Settings {
                Latitude = 10,
                Longitude = 76.2,
                System = "SuryaSiddhanta"
            var kv = new Kollavarsham(settings);
            var today = kv.FromGregorianDate(DateTime.Now);
            Console.WriteLine($"{today.Year.ToString()} {today.MlMasaName} {today.Date.ToString()} ({today.MlNaksatraName})");



Check out the Kollavarsham class within the API documentation as this is the entry point into the library.

Release History

Check out the history at GitHub Releases


Copyright (c) 2014-2022 The Kollavarsham Team. Licensed under the MIT license.

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