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Does your experiment spark joy?

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Marie Kondo Spark Joy

The name is inspired by Marie Kondo's tidying adventures.

Throw away experiments that don't spark joy with this tiny module.



pip install kondo


pip install git+

NOTE: Prefer pinning to a reference than the master branch for unintended updates.

Minimal Usage Example

  • Create new Experiment class

    from kondo import Spec, Experiment, RandIntType, ChoiceType
    class MyExp(Experiment):
      def __init__(self, foo=100, bar='c', **kwargs):
        super().__init__(**kwargs) = foo = bar
      def run(self):
        print('Running experiment with foo={}, bar="{}".'.format(,
      def spec_list():
        return [
              foo=RandIntType(low=10, high=100),
              bar=ChoiceType(['a', 'b', 'c'])
              bar=ChoiceType(['a', 'b', 'c'])

    Make sure to capture all keyword arguments to the super class using **kwargs as above.

  • Create Hyperparameter spec

    from kondo import HParams
    hparams = HParams(MyExp)

    HParams class automagically recognizes all the possible parameters to the experiment specified as arguments to the constructor with default values. The spec can be any key value pairs (and can include constant values which will remain common across all trials).

    Other types available can be seen in

  • Generate trials and create a new experiment each time

    for _, trial in hparams.trials():
      exp = MyExp(**trial)

    A sample output for these three trials with randomly selected values for foo and bar is shown below. Each line represents the dictionary sent in to the constructor of the MyExp class.

    Running experiment with foo=93, bar="b".
    Running experiment with foo=30, bar="c".
    Running experiment with foo=75, bar="c".
  • You can also generate trials from only a subset of groups by using the groups argument as

    for _, trial in hparams.trials(groups=['fixed_foo']):
      # ... same as earlier

    ignore_groups is a similar argument with the filtering out effect.

Now, you can keep tuning the spec during your hyperparameter search and throw away the ones that don't spark joy!.

The full example file is available at

Advanced Usage

See Experiment object for other important attributes. The only thing to care about are @property annotated methods, especially the ones for logging.

The tests directory is a good place to discover all possibilities.


Apache 2.0

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