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Async Kong client and cli (forked from aio-kong)

Project description

Async Python Client for Kong (exp fork of aio-kong)

Forked from aio-kong by Luca Sbardella.

For managing Kong using declarative configuration (yaml), over manual bookeeping of curls and/or resource state handling bash scripts.

Changes to the original:

  • Patch tests to pass with Kong 0.14.x and 1.0.0rc2
  • Added docker-compose stack for tests
  • Added make rules for flake8, test, build, publish_pypi, etc.
  • Added separate .venvs for dev and release, handled by make rules
  • Added (opinionated) pytest plugins for dev venv, to help myself
  • Added KADMIN_ env vars for using via Kong Admin API loopback with key-auth


  • PR Kong 0.14.x to original if can make it compatible with 0.13
  • Consider adding an --option for creating Kong Admin API loopback service


On Python >= 3.6:

pip install --upgrade kong-incubator



Create or update the Kong resources according to configuration:

kong-incubator --yaml config.yaml

By default, target KONG_URL is

Run kong-incubator for the list of options.


from kong.client import Kong

async with Kong() as cli:
    services = await
    print(json.dumps(services, indent=4))


To create the docker-compose stack and run tests for it:

make test

Tests clean up the Kong resources they create. The docker volume for DB persists until make testdown or make clean is ran.

Run make for the list of rules.

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