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A functional programming styled CLI console application framework based on argparse

Project description


A functional programming styled CLI console application framework based on argparse.


The easiest way to install konsoru is to use pip:

$ pip install konsoru


Konsoru enables you to build CLI applications quickly: either a text-based console or a program with multiple subcommands that executes in terminal.

Below is a bare minimum program that launches a text-based console:

from konsoru import CLI

def helloworld():
    print('Hello world!')

cli = CLI()

The console comes with 3 default commands: help, quit, exit. And every command added into the console, including default commands, will come with a -h option that displays its help message.

When the above program runs, it looks like this:

$ python3 
Type 'help' to see help message.
Type 'quit' or 'exit' to exit the program.
> help
Available commands:
    exit        helloworld  help        quit        
See help for a specific command by specifying the command name.
Help message for multi-layered command can still be seen by using quotation marks around them.
> helloworld -h
usage: helloworld [-h]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
> helloworld
Hello world!
> quit

Alternatively, you can add your function as a command using the subroutine() decorator. The decorator should be stacked on top of other decorators, if any. Also, by default, the framework will print the return of added functions, unless the return is None. So the program below is completely equivalent to the example above:

from konsoru import CLI

cli = CLI()

def helloworld():
    return 'Hello world!'


To convert this into a program with subcommands that is interacted with through terminal, simply change cli.loop() into at the end. Then, the program will behave like this:

$ python3 helloworld
Hello world!

Note that default commands under the console mode, i.e. help, exit, quit, will not be added when using

Put the script in a directory in your $PATH and give it executable permissions to call it anywhere in your filesystem without python3 in the front.

For more sophisticated examples, check the examples/ directory in the github repository.

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