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Add a simple blog to your Kotti site

Project description

Blog addon for Kotti.


This is an extension to the Kotti CMS that adds a simple blog system to your site.

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Setting up kotti_blog

To activate the kotti_blog add-on in your Kotti site, you need to add an entry to the kotti.configurators setting in your Paste Deploy config. kotti_blog depends on kotti_settings, so you have to add also an entry for this add-on:

kotti.configurators =

kotti_blog adds two new Content Types to your Kotti site. Now you can create a blog and add blog entries to the blog.

There are different settings to adjust the behavior of the blog. Point your browser to http://your.domain/@@settings to get to the settingspage or use the submenupoint of ‘Site Setup’.

You can select if the blog entries in the overview should be batched. If activated the blog entries will be shown on seperated pages. If not all blog entries are shown all together on one page.

If you use batching you can choose how many blog entries are shown on one page.

You can activate auto batching where the next page of the blog entries is automatically loaded when scrolling down the overview page instead of showing links to switch the pages.

With the last setting you can control wether the headline of a blog entry in the overview is linked to the blog entry or not.

Parts of kotti_blog can be overridden with the setting kotti_blog.asset_overrides. Have a look to the Kotti documentation about the asset_overrides setting, which is the same as in kotti_blog.


Marco Scheidhuber [j23d] Mike Orr [mikeorr]



  • Include batch functionality from plone.batching and remove this dependency.

  • Use kotti_settings for the settings of the blog.


  • Fix import from deprecated location.


  • Refactore date formatting to have the date locale aware.

  • Changes for compatibility with Kotti>=0.8. These changes are not backward compatibel. If you want to use kotti_blog with Kotti<=0.7.x then pin kotti_blog to 0.2.1. - Use form classes for the form views instead of deprecated generic functions. - Move fanstatic library to

  • Added minified style and JavaScript.

  • Use view_config decoration for views.


  • Private blog entries should not be shown in the blog overview.


  • Move to fanstatic for include static resources.

  • Convert SQLAlchemy tables to Declarative syntax.

  • Fix how content types appear in Add menu.

  • Document subclasses should not have duplicate ‘body’ field.

  • Added batching of blog entries on overview and settings for it.

  • Added dynamic batching via ajax loads.

  • Added kotti_blog.asset_overrides attribute to settings.


  • Initial release.

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