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TinyMCE plugins for Kotti

Project description

TinyMCE plugins for Kotti.


To activate the kotti_tinymce add-on in your Kotti site, you need to add an entry to the kotti.configurators setting in your Paste Deploy config. If you don’t have a kotti.configurators option, add one. The line in your [app:main] section could then look like this:

kotti.configurators = kotti_tinymce.kotti_configure

With this, you’ll be able to use TinyMCE in your Kotti site.



  • No changes yet

0.7.1 - 2018-09-14

  • Fix broken CodeMirror plugin (fixes #31).

0.7.0 - 2018-03-16

  • Fix compatibility with Kotti 2.x

  • Import Image from kotti_image if installed. kotti_image is now an optional dependency. If present, the kottiimage_plugin for TinyMCE will be activated.

  • Upgrade TinyMCE to 4.7.9

  • Upgrade CodeMirror to 5.35.0


  • Upgrade TinyMCE to 4.5.7

  • Upgrade CodeMirror to 5.25.0

  • Add advance bulleting options to tinymce editor, such as Roman Numerial, alphabet, etc.


  • Upgrade TinyMCE to 4.2.5

  • Upgrade CodeMirror to 5.7.0


  • Upgrade codemirror to 5.3.0 and codemirror plugin to 1.4. This fixes #26.


  • Upgrade TinyMCE to 4.1.10.


  • Bundle TinyMCE’s translation files.


  • Revise templates to use Bootstrap 3. THIS IS NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE AND WILL BREAK KOTTI < 0.10!

  • Bundle our own TinyMCE instead of relying on js.tinymce. This allows full control over the plugins.

  • Publish kotti-tinymce as Bower package. This is especially useful if you are developing a Kotti application and want to have full control over your static assets instead of relying on (often outdated or incomplete) js.whatever packages. It also make upgrade much easier.


  • Added abiltiy to add alt text to images via kottiimage plugin.

  • Use the new kotti_context_url JS global variable (introduced in Kotti 0.10) if it is available.


  • Fix broken source code editing.


  • Fix link for PyPI - the old one 404’s. (ddimmich)

  • Fix German and French translations that got marked as fuzzy. (ferewuz)

  • Update German translations, some translations got lost before. (ferewuz)

  • Move language code translations to kotti_tinymce and initialize all languages that are present in deform. (ferewuz)


  • Fix packaging.


  • Add CodeMirror plugin to regain source editing feature.


  • New image plugin UI with advanced image sizing. (geojeff)


  • Changed javascript and templates to support new version of js.tinymce (ferewuz)


  • Separate install_requires and tests_require.

  • Delete old tests from 0.1. Setup new funcargs based tests.

  • 100% test coverage (again) with new funcargs tests (thanks teixas!).


  • Fix include of kotti_tinymce.js to popup window.


  • Support js.deform (available with Kotti >= 0.8) to only include the JS when rendering a RichTextWidget.


  • Fix JS errors caused by calling tinyMCEPopup.onInit.add from a wrong place.


  • Explicitly set relative_urls to false on TinyMCE initialization. This fixes a bug when trying to add an image while adding a page.


  • added German translation

  • use TinyMCE’s translations


  • fix requirement version conflict (now: Kotti>=0.7dev)


  • kotti_tinymce is a direct dependency of Kotti now

  • use Kotti’s “new style” edit_needed


  • get rid of Products.TinyMCE

  • use fanstatic

  • add custom ‘kottibrowser’ TinyMCE plugin

0.1 - Unreleased

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