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A Kubernetes API library

Project description

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A simple, extensible Python client library for Kubernetes that feels familiar for folks who already know how to use kubectl.


  • API inspired by kubectl to reduce developer learning curve.
  • Sensible defaults to reduce boiler plate.
  • No swagger generated code, human readable code only.
  • Also has an asynchronous API that can be used with asyncio and trio.
  • Client caching to reduce passing API objects around.
  • Batteries included by providing useful utilities and methods inspired by kubectl.



$ pip install kr8s


See the Examples Documentation for a full set of examples including asyncio examples.

List Nodes

Print out all of the node names in the cluster.

import kr8s

for node in kr8s.get("nodes"):

Create a Pod

Create a new Pod.

from kr8s.objects import Pod

pod = Pod({
        "apiVersion": "v1",
        "kind": "Pod",
        "metadata": {
            "name": "my-pod",
        "spec": {
            "containers": [{"name": "pause", "image": "",}]


Scale a Deployment

Scale the Deployment metrics-server in the Namespace kube-system to 1 replica.

from kr8s.objects import Deployment

deploy = Deployment.get("metrics-server", namespace="kube-system")

List Pods by label selector

Get all Pods from all Namespaces matching a label selector.

import kr8s

selector = {'component': 'kube-scheduler'}

for pod in kr8s.get("pods", namespace=kr8s.ALL, label_selector=selector):

Add a label to a Pod

Add the label foo with the value bar to an existing Pod.

from kr8s.objects import Pod

pod = Pod("kube-apiserver", namespace="kube-system")
pod.label({"foo": "bar"})

Cordon a Node

Cordon a Node to mark it as unschedulable.

from kr8s.objects import Node

node = Node("k8s-node-1")

# Is equivalent to
# node.patch({"spec": {"unschedulable": True}})

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