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Python wrapper for libksi, a library for accessing Guardtime KSI service

Project description

This is a thin wrapper on top of KSI C SDK. Experimental, non-supported code.


import ksi
import hashlib

# Instantiate service parameters from the environment
KSI = ksi.KSI(**ksi.ksi_env())

# Sign a text string
sig = KSI.sign_hash(hashlib.sha256(b"Tere!"))
# Print some signature properties
print(sig.get_signing_time(), sig.get_signer_id())

# Now verify this text string, first obtaining a data hasher
h = sig.get_hasher()
print(KSI.verify_hash(sig, h))

# Obtain a binary blob which can be stored for long term
serialized_signature = sig.serialize()

# Some time have passed, fetch the signature and verify again
sig2 = KSI.parse(serialized_signature)
print(KSI.verify_hash(sig2, h))


  1. Requirements: Python 2.7+ or Python 3.1+. Jython, IronPython do not work.

  2. Install fresh libksi aka KSI C SDK; see

  3. Install python-devel package

  4. Run:

    > pip install ksi-python


> easy_install ksi-python


Specify KSI Gateway access parameters and run

> python test



> pydoc ksi

to read the documentation after installation. Generating html or pdf documentation: make sure that dependencies like sphinx (pip install sphinx) are installed and run:

> cd docs
> make html
> make latexpdf


  • Synchronous calls–especially signing–block green threads.

  • Advanced functions like block signing, containers, async operations, are not implemented.

  • Python’s __del__ destructor is not guaranteed to execute. Please help garbage collector by dereferencing unnecessary signature objects with del.


Apache 2.0. Please contact Guardtime for supported options.

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