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kubelab-cli Kubernetes made easy - handle clusters and product with simple commands!

Project description

kubelab-cli - Kubernetes utility CLI by KubeLab

kubelab-cli is a command line tool that empowers developers to effortlessly create, manage, and destroy Kubernetes clusters on popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, obtaining Terraform code and easy yaml configs in return.

Additionally, it enables users to easily manage products on top of the clusters, such as NGINX, and deploy them using various methods like deployment, operator or custom (like Helm, and Kustomize - coming soon).


  • Cluster Management: Easily create, update, and destroy Kubernetes clusters on AWS, Azure, or GCP with a simple command.

  • Product Management: Seamlessly manage products like NGINX on top of your Kubernetes clusters using different deployment strategies, including deployment, operator, Helm, and Kustomize.

  • Deployment Flexibility: kubelab-cli provides multiple options for your deployment to cater to different use cases and preferences.

  • Automated Setup: The tool automates the setup process for all the cloud-specific tools you need to manage Kubernetes clusters, saving you time and effort.

  • Easy Configuration: Intuitive YAML configuration that allow you to customize the clusters and products according to your specific needs.

  • Clear Documentation: Comprehensive documentation to guide you through the installation, setup, and usage of the kubelab-cli tool (coming soon).


Before using kubelab-cli, ensure you have the following dependencies installed on your system:

  • Kubernetes CLI (kubectl)
  • AWS CLI (if using AWS as a cloud provider)
  • Azure CLI (if using Azure as a cloud provider)
  • Google Cloud CLI (if using GCP as a cloud provider)

Or you can use the kubelab-cli install script to install all the dependencies for you. Run the following command to install the dependencies:

curl -s | bash

Prerequisites (contribution only)

Linter+formatter: black + flake8

Add into your .vscode/settings.json

"python.linting.flake8Args": [


  1. Download the kubelab-cli binary for your operating system from the official GitHub repository.

  2. Place the binary in a directory accessible from your system's PATH variable.

  3. Ensure the binary has executable permissions. If not, you can set them using chmod +x lab.


lab [command] [options]

Cluster Management

  • To create a Kubernetes cluster:

    lab create cluster --provider [aws|azure|gcp] --name [cluster_name]
  • To update a Kubernetes cluster (e.g., change node count, update version, etc.):

    lab update cluster --name [cluster_name] --[option1]=[value1] --[option2]=[value2] ...
  • To destroy a Kubernetes cluster:

    lab destroy cluster --name [cluster_name]

Product Management

  • To deploy a product (e.g., NGINX) using default settings:

    lab use cluster [cluster_name] # a bit like kubectl use-context
    lab add [product_name] --cluster [cluster_name] --type [deployment|operator]


    lab add [product_name] --cluster [cluster_name] --type [deployment|operator]
  • To deploy a product with custom configurations:

    lab add [product_name] --cluster [cluster_name] --method [deployment|operator|] --config [path_to_config_file]
  • To update a deployed product:

    lab update [product_name] --version [new version] --cluster [cluster_name] (--method [deployment|operator]) --config [path_to_updated_config_file]
  • To remove a deployed product from the cluster:

    lab remove [product_name] --cluster [cluster_name]


kubelab-cli supports configuration files to define cluster and product settings. By default, it looks for a configuration file in the credentials/ directory named clusters.yaml. You can also specify a custom configuration file using the --config flag.

Example Configuration (clusters.yaml)

# Clusters configuration
  name: my-cluster
  provider: aws
  region: us-west-2

Example Configuration (catalog.yaml)

# Product configuration
  - name: nginx
    method: deployment
    version: 3.0.2
    values_file: nginx-values.yaml

Support and Contribution

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please check the GitHub repository for known issues or open a new one. Contributions are highly encouraged and welcome!


kubelab-cli is open-source software licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use, modify, and distribute it according to the terms of the license.

Thank you for using kubelab-cli! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please refer to the documentation or reach out to the Discord community of KubeLab for support.

Other OSS tools embedded or used in kubelab-cli


The kubelab-cli documentation can be found here.


The security policy may be found here.

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