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continuous integration for kubernetes

Project description

# ci3

Continuous deployment for kubernetes (k8s) and gitlab.

# Table of Contents 1. [blog](#blog) 2. [use](#use) 3. [develop](#develop)

## blog

More articles on [Medium..](

## use

Prerequisites: ci3 is written and tested in python3 (linux or mac osx).

As a user you would probably do something like:

pip install kubic-ci

The following should work w/o errors:

kubic –help

To start a new project locally you would proceed with:

kubic init

A typical deploy cycle is:

kubic build && kubic push && kubic deploy -d hello

where hello is the name of your service and project.

### docker image

One can find a simple docker image inside the docker folder, which is suitable to be used by gitlab-runner, so that one has already ci3 preinstalled and can deploy to GKE.

The following will pull latest image from dockerhub and run it in your local docker

docker run -it kubic3/ci3:latest

Like this kubic-ci can be integrated into CI/CD cycle provided by [gitlab](

## develop

### release

Before making a new release:

  1. Make sure tests are passing (both locally and remotely on gitlab CI).

  2. Increment version according to [semantic versioning](

In addition to bumping a new version in ci3/, issuing a new release includes few more publishing (post-release) activities:

  1. Publish new python package python sdist upload

  2. Build ad upload a new docker image (to avoid confusions, both docker image and python package share the same version). Check how it has been picked up on [dockerhub]( and [microbadger](

  3. Say something on socials about it ;)

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