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Helper for extract query from dag file and validate query

Project description


A query toolkit


There are two module in kueri package:

  1. Query extractor from DAG file : Used for extract query from each task in a dag file
  2. Query validator : Validate query using dry run api bigquery. This module use standard sql dialect

How to run unit test

Need to install berfore run unit test

  • pytest (pip install pytest)
  • pytest-cov (pip install pytest-cov)
  • rootpath (pip install rootpath)
  • mock
  • sqlparse
  • rootpath
  • apache-airflow[gcp]==1.10.5
  • requests

Command to run unit test

  • pytest (output only pass or failed testing)
  • pytest --cov-report term --cov=kueri tests/ (Give percentage coverage of unit testing)
  • pytest --cov-report term-missing --cov=kueri tests/ (give line of code function that not covered in unit test)


pip3 install kueri

Before you install kueri, please make sure that you have installed all module that's your dag need


Query validator

kueri cmd='query_validator' query='{query need to validate}' project_id='{project id of your query}'


kueri cmd='query_validator' query='select * from `mapan-data-prd.mapan_data_prod_dv.hub_arisan_chairmen`' project_id='mapan-data-prd'

Query extractor from DAG file

kueri cmd="dag_bq_extractor" path_to_folder_file='{path to folder folder file DAG}' file_name='{name of file}'


kueri cmd="dag_bq_extractor" path_to_folder_file='/Users/mapan_1004/Documents/workspace/list_of_dag/' file_name=''

Please use ' (single quote) instead of " (double quotes) in parameter.

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kueri-0.5.3.tar.gz (5.9 kB view hashes)

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