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A modern CLI to download animes automatically from

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Kirby ball in Kirby: Canvas Curse

Kurby is a nice and simple CLI that use Twist website, and their huge collection to download animes for free and automatically

Animes from Twist are generally in High Definition with English subtitles. Please consider donating for their amazing work :)


The CLI is built with Typer and it is composed of 3 commands

  • animes: Search animes to find what is available and extract the slug to be used in the other commands


--search option allows you to make a fuzzy search

  • details: Show details of an anime if needed


You can see the number of episodes available and when the first and last episode were uploaded

  • download: Choose and download which episodes of the anime you want !


Because sometimes bad things can happen, Kurby will automatically retry for you

You can also download without having a slug initially. In this case, Kurby will propose you a selection


And that's it !

You can also use kurby --help to get more information on the different commands


pip install kurby
kurby --help

Installation on Windows

  • Right click on the install.bat and run it as an Administrator, this will install Chocolatey who will manage the python installation
  • Once the installation is finished, and you're asked to press a key, open a new terminal (Win + R > cmd )
  • You can now start using Kurby with kurby --help

Installation on Android without root needed

  • Install Termux on your Android phone
  • In Termux, run this command to allow access to storage: termux-setup-storage, and tap allow
  • Next, run the follow command pkg install git python
  • Then pip3 install kurby
  • You're done ! You can download animes on your phone like so kurby download --d ~/storage/shared
Thanks to 6b86b3ac03c167320d93 for this tutorial

Installation from sources

Create your virtual environment (optional)

mkvirtualenv kurby
workon kurby

Install poetry

curl -sSL | python -

Install dependencies using poetry

poetry install --no-dev
kurby-cli --help # or python kurby-cli --help

Getting the latest episode automatically

An interesting use case is to get the latest episode of an anime as soon as it is available.

This is possible on Linux using crontab (or another equivalent on others OS) and a little tweak of chemistry. Here is an example of a few instructions that can help you do this.

now=$(date -u "+%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")
date=$(cat || echo $now) # Get the date of previous download
python kurby download {{YOUR_ANIME}} --dfrom=${DATE} # Download any episodes that has been uploaded since the last time
echo $now > # Store the current date as the new date

Next steps

Kurby is already functional as it is but here are the next things I would like to add :

  • Adding the support of asynchronous download
  • Refactor the retrying strategy to add more customisable options and allow errors during a download without interruption
  • Refactor the crawling process to potentially avoid being detected as a bot


Downloading copyright videos may be illegal in your country.

This tool is for educational purposes only.

The developers or this application do not store or distribute any files whatsoever.

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