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Yet another IRC bot, one where new functionality is simple to create just adding easy-to-write plugins.

Project description

Welcome to the lalita project!

lalita is yet another IRC bot, one where new functionality is simple to
create just adding easy-to-write plugins.

lalita is written with some goals in mind:

- Twisted! (we don't like threads)

- Pluggable: easy to implement new functionalities

- Have fun: yes, it's Python

All the code in lalita is licensed under GNU GPL v3. See LICENSE.txt for
further info.

The project page is::

To run the bot, create a config file (you can use the sample lalita.cfg.sample)
as a guideline, and run:: -c <configfile> <server>

There're a lot of test cases! You can try them running "nosetests" (you
need to have Nose installed).

To create a plugin, check the plugins/ one, and use it as a start.

We don't have a mail list for the project, but you can check in #pyar on
Freenode, most of developers are around there.

Enjoy it!


The --manhole[-*] options enable a manhole ssh server the provides an
interactive interpreter to poke the bot instance(s).


Start the bot with "--manhole" option::

$ python --manhole

From another terminal, connect to the machine where the bot is running,
port 2222::

$ ssh admin@localhost -p 2222
admin@localhost's password: admin

This will drop you in a python shell::

>>> bot = servers['<server name>']
# bot is a IrcBot instance
>>> bot.say('<channel>', 'something')

WARNING: this is a potential security hole if the port 2222 (or the one you
configure with --manhole-port) is accesible from internet or other machines.

How to run lalita without installing

From the top-level directory run::

python lalita/

For example, setting logs in debug mode, pointing to the sample
configuration, and choosing a server in localhost::

python lalita/ -o DEBUG lalita.cfg.sample localhost

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lalita-0.1.1.tar.gz (57.7 kB view hashes)

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