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Script Launchpad through its web services interfaces. Officially supported.

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NEWS for launchpadlib

1.6.5 (2010-08-23)

  • Make launchpadlib compatible with the latest lazr.restfulclient.

1.6.4 (2010-08-18)

  • Test fixes.

1.6.3 (2010-08-12)

  • Instead of making the end-user hit Enter after authorizing an application to access their Launchpad account, launchpadlib will automatically poll Launchpad until the user makes a decision.

  • launchpadlib now raises a more helpful exception when the end-user explicitly denies access to a launchpadlib application.

  • Improved the XSLT stylesheet to reflect Launchpad’s more complex top-level structure. [bug=286941]

  • Test fixes. [bug=488448,616055]

1.6.2 (2010-06-21)

  • Extended the optimization from version 1.6.1 to apply to Launchpad’s top-level collection of people.

1.6.1 (2010-06-16)

  • Added an optimization that lets launchpadlib avoid making an HTTP request in some situations.

1.6.0 (2010-04-07)

  • Fixed a test to work against the latest version of Launchpad.

1.5.8 (2010-03-25)

  • Use version 1.0 of the Launchpad web service by default.

1.5.7 (2010-03-16)

  • Send a Referer header whenever making requests to the Launchpad website (as opposed to the web service) to avoid falling afoul of new cross-site-request-forgery countermeasures.

1.5.6 (2010-03-04)

  • Fixed a minor bug when using login_with() to access a version of the Launchpad web service other than the default.

  • Added a check to catch old client code that would cause newer versions of launchpadlib to make nonsensical requests to, and raise a helpful exception telling the developer how to fix it.


  • Added the ability to access different versions of the Launchpad web service.

1.5.4 (2009-12-17)

  • Made it easy to get anonymous access to a Launchpad instance.

  • Made it easy to plug in different clients that take the user’s Launchpad login and password for purposes of authorizing a request token. The most secure technique is still the default: to open the user’s web browser to the appropriate Launchpad page.

  • Introduced a command-line script bin/launchpad-credentials-console, which takes the user’s Launchpad login and password, and authorizes a request token on their behalf.

  • Introduced a command-line script bin/launchpad-request-token, which creates a request token on any Launchpad installation and dumps the JSON description of that token to standard output.

  • Shorthand service names like ‘edge’ should now be respected everywhere in launchpadlib.

1.5.3 (2009-10-22)

  • Moved some more code from launchpadlib into the more generic lazr.restfulclient.

1.5.2 (2009-10-01)

  • Added a number of new sample scripts from elsewhere.

  • Added a reference to the production Launchpad instance.

  • Made it easier to specify a Launchpad instance to run against.

1.5.1 (2009-07-16)

  • Added a sample script for uploading a release tarball to Launchpad.

1.5.0 (2009-07-09)

  • Most of launchpadlib’s code has been moved to the generic lazr.restfulclient library. launchpadlib now contains only code specific to Launchpad. There should be no changes in functionality.

  • Moved into the top-level directory. Having it in a subdirectory with a top-level symlink was breaking installation on Windows.

  • The notice to the end-user (that we’re opening their web browser) is now better formatted.

1.0.1 (2009-05-30)

  • Correct tests for new launchpad cache behavior in librarian

  • Remove build dependency on setuptools_bzr because it was causing bzr to be downloaded during installation of the package, which was unnecessary and annoying.

1.0 (2009-03-24)

  • Initial release on PyPI

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