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Script Launchpad through its web services interfaces. Officially supported.

Project description

This file is part of launchpadlib.

launchpadlib is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.

launchpadlib is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public
License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
along with launchpadlib. If not, see <>.


See .

NEWS for launchpadlib

1.9.9 (2011-07-27)

- Fix a failing test for lazr.restfulclient 0.12.0.

1.9.8 (2011-02-28)

- Detect the error Launchpad sends when it doesn't recognize an access
token, and get a new token.

1.9.7 (2011-02-15)

- Slightly tweaked the behavior of EDGE_SERVICE_ROOT, and improved tests.

1.9.6 (2011-02-14)

- Added EDGE_SERVICE_ROOT and the 'edge' alias back, though they both
operate on production behind the scenes. Using the 'edge' alias will
cause a deprecation warning.

1.9.5 (2011-02-08)

- Fixed a bug that prevented the deprecated get_token_and_login code
from working, and that required that users of get_token_and_login
get a new token on every usage.

1.9.4 (2011-01-18)

- Removed references to the 'edge' service root, which is being phased out.

- Fixed a minor bug in the upload_release_tarball contrib script which
was causing tarballs to be uploaded with the wrong media type.

- The XSLT stylesheet for converting the Launchpad WADL into HTML
documentation has been moved back into Launchpad.

1.9.3 (2011-01-10)

- The keyring package import is now delayed until the keyring needs to be
accessed. This reduces launchapdlib users' exposure to unintended side
effects of importing keyring (KWallet authorization dialogs and the
registration of a SIGCHLD handler).

1.9.2 (2011-01-07)

- Added a missing import.

1.9.1 (2011-01-06)

- Corrected a test failure.

1.9.0 (2011-01-05)

- When an authorization token expires or becomes invalid, attempt to
acquire a new one, even in the middle of a session, rather than

- The HTML generated by wadl-to-refhtml.xsl now validates.

- Most of the helper login methods have been deprecated. There are now
only two helper methods:

* Launchpad.login_anonymously, for anonymous credential-free access.
* Launchpad.login_with, for programs that need a credential.

1.8.0 (2010-11-15)

- Store authorization tokens in the Gnome keyring or KDE wallet, when
available. The credentials_file parameter of Launchpad.login_with() is now

- By default, Launchpad.login_with() now asks Launchpad for
desktop-wide integration. This removes the need for each individual
application to get its own OAuth token.

1.7.0 (2010-09-23)

- Removed "fake Launchpad browser" code that didn't work and was
misleading developers.

- Added support for by adding
astaging to the uris.

1.6.5 (2010-08-23)

- Make launchpadlib compatible with the latest lazr.restfulclient.

1.6.4 (2010-08-18)

- Test fixes.

1.6.3 (2010-08-12)

- Instead of making the end-user hit Enter after authorizing an
application to access their Launchpad account, launchpadlib will
automatically poll Launchpad until the user makes a decision.

- launchpadlib now raises a more helpful exception when the end-user
explicitly denies access to a launchpadlib application.

- Improved the XSLT stylesheet to reflect Launchpad's more complex
top-level structure. [bug=286941]

- Test fixes. [bug=488448,616055]

1.6.2 (2010-06-21)

- Extended the optimization from version 1.6.1 to apply to Launchpad's
top-level collection of people.

1.6.1 (2010-06-16)

- Added an optimization that lets launchpadlib avoid making an HTTP
request in some situations.

1.6.0 (2010-04-07)

- Fixed a test to work against the latest version of Launchpad.

1.5.8 (2010-03-25)

- Use version 1.0 of the Launchpad web service by default.

1.5.7 (2010-03-16)

- Send a Referer header whenever making requests to the Launchpad
website (as opposed to the web service) to avoid falling afoul of
new cross-site-request-forgery countermeasures.

1.5.6 (2010-03-04)

- Fixed a minor bug when using login_with() to access a version of the
Launchpad web service other than the default.

- Added a check to catch old client code that would cause newer
versions of launchpadlib to make nonsensical requests to, and raise a helpful exception
telling the developer how to fix it.


- Added the ability to access different versions of the Launchpad web

1.5.4 (2009-12-17)

- Made it easy to get anonymous access to a Launchpad instance.

- Made it easy to plug in different clients that take the user's
Launchpad login and password for purposes of authorizing a request
token. The most secure technique is still the default: to open the
user's web browser to the appropriate Launchpad page.

- Introduced a command-line script bin/launchpad-credentials-console,
which takes the user's Launchpad login and password, and authorizes
a request token on their behalf.

- Introduced a command-line script bin/launchpad-request-token, which
creates a request token on any Launchpad installation and dumps the
JSON description of that token to standard output.

- Shorthand service names like 'edge' should now be respected
everywhere in launchpadlib.

1.5.3 (2009-10-22)

- Moved some more code from launchpadlib into the more generic

1.5.2 (2009-10-01)

- Added a number of new sample scripts from elsewhere.

- Added a reference to the production Launchpad instance.

- Made it easier to specify a Launchpad instance to run against.

1.5.1 (2009-07-16)

- Added a sample script for uploading a release tarball to Launchpad.

1.5.0 (2009-07-09)

- Most of launchpadlib's code has been moved to the generic
lazr.restfulclient library. launchpadlib now contains only code
specific to Launchpad. There should be no changes in functionality.

- Moved into the top-level directory. Having it in a
subdirectory with a top-level symlink was breaking installation on

- The notice to the end-user (that we're opening their web
browser) is now better formatted.

1.0.1 (2009-05-30)

- Correct tests for new launchpad cache behavior in librarian

- Remove build dependency on setuptools_bzr because it was causing bzr to be
downloaded during installation of the package, which was unnecessary and

1.0 (2009-03-24)

- Initial release on PyPI

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