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A simple web application to manage Ldap entries

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Nice and simple application to manage users and groups in multiple directory services. PyPI version Documentation Status

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Pierre-Francois Carpentier - copyright © 2016


A demo is accessible here:

The credentials are:

  • as administrator: admin/admin

  • as user: user/user

Please take note that it’s not possible to modify/delete the ‘admin’ and ‘user’ users.

Also take note that the service will be reseted once per day.


LdapCherry is a CherryPY application to manage users and groups in multiple directory services.

Its main features are:

  • manage multiple directories/databases backends in an unified way

  • roles management (as in “groups of groups”)

  • autofill forms

  • password policy

  • self modification of some selected fields by normal (non administrator) users

  • nice bootstrap interface

  • modular through pluggable authentication, password policy and backend modules

LdapCherry is not limited to ldap, it can handle virtually any user backend (ex: SQL database, htpasswd file, etc) through the proper plugin (provided that it is implemented ^^).

LdapCherry also aims to be as simple as possible to deploy: no crazy dependencies, few configuration files, extensive debug logs and full documentation.

The default backend plugins permit to manage Ldap and Active Directory.



Try out

# clone the repository
$ git clone && cd ldapcherry

# change the directory where to put the configuration (default: /etc)
$ export SYSCONFDIR=/etc
# change the directory where to put the resource (default: /usr/share)
$ export DATAROOTDIR=/usr/share/

# install ldapcherry
$ python

# edit configuration files
$ vi /etc/ldapcherry/ldapcherry.ini
$ vi /etc/ldapcherry/roles.yml
$ vi /etc/ldapcherry/attributes.yml

# launch ldapcherry
$ ldapcherryd -c /etc/ldapcherry/ldapcherry.ini -D


LdapCherry is published under the MIT Public License.

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