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League of Legends utilities, including an Item Set Generator

Project description


LeagueUtils is a set of utilities for interacting with League of Legends data. Currently, it contains the League ISG (Item Set Generator) and an API for item gold efficiency.

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The Item Set Generator is designed to build recommended pages for every champion in every viable role. It does this by pulling date from Riot’s API and from some third party sites, determining which build paths work best, and updating your League config with the results.


The most common use case is to run


to install the item sets for every champion. The item sets will be installed beside the default Riot recommended pages, but if you have manually downloaded item sets into your config directory before, these may be overwritten. Make sure any such files have unique names before running this script! (eg. anything other than ${CHAMPION}_${ROLE}.json).

You can also run something like

league-utils-isg --champ Rumble

to load info on only one champion.

Gold Efficiency

The Gold Efficiency project automatically calculates the efficiency of all items by looking at the vallue of the stats they provide. This is a common form of theory crafting.

These stats are calculated in real-time, and thus will always be up-to-date when a new patch is released.

When using this data, keep in mind that some aspects of items such as unique abilities will not be taken into account in determining the worth of an item. The ignored stats or abilities will be returned in the result.


For now, this is available only as a REST API. You can access the results for any item by ID. For example, to get efficiency data on Overlord’s Bloodmail, run



Install from PyPI

Simply run

pip3 install league-utils

Install from Source

After cloning this repo or downloading and un{zip,tar}ing the most recent zipfile or tarball.

python3 install

Run without installing

This project can also be run without installation. After cloning this repo or downloading and un{zip,tar}ing the most recent zipfile or tarball, run

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

and use the script in the root of this folder. Working in a virtualenv is recommended!

Note that when using this method, the sub-project must be provided as an argument. For example:

league-utils-isg [options]  # becomes: ./ isg [options]

From a binary

Pre-compiled binaries are provided for some Operating Systems. If yours is supported, you can grab the binary for the latest release and just run that without installing anything. Note that using this method does not allow you to easily update your installation.

If you use a binary to run league-utils, make sure you use the syntax described above.

Running Your Own Server

So you want to run your own API server, eh? Well, there’s a convenient docker file you can use for that, but it does require just a bit of setup.

You’ll need to get yourself API keys for both Riot’s API and’s. Once you do, simply export them to your shell and use docker-compose to run the server. Roughly speaking, you’ll want to:

export CHAMPIONGG_TOKEN=foo-asdfasdfasdf
export LEAGUE_TOKEN=bar-fdsafdsafdsa
git clone
cd league
docker-compose build
docker-compose up

You may also be interested in using the official docker image. If you are, the following might make your life easier:

curl > docker-compose.yml
mkdir -p api  # docker-compose oddity
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d


This project probably won’t make your computer explode, make your girlfriend leave you, or get you fired from your job, but I make no guarantees that blindly following its advice won’t drop your ELO. You’ve been warned.

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