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A twisted based daemon to send metrics to

Project description

A script to periodically post information to


  • Make a virtualenv
  • pip install leftronicd


Configuration is done in yaml.


Your leftronic API access key.


A list of stream configurations.

Each stream requires following values:

  • method: The method that generates the value
  • type: The type of value (eg number or leaderboard)
  • name: Name of the stream
  • verbosename: Verbose name of the stream
  • interval: Interval in seconds when the method should be called.

Any other key-value pairs will be passed into the method.


accesskey: SECRET
    - method: leftronicd.contrib.github.repo_metric
      verbosename: django CMS Watchers
      name: django-cms-watchers
      type: number
      interval: 86400
      repo: divio/django-cms
      metric: watchers
    - method: leftronicd.contrib.github.repo_metric
      verbosename: django CMS Forks
      type: number
      interval: 86400
      name: django-cms-forks
      repo: divio/django-cms
      metric: forks

Built-in methods


Reports a metric from a github repository.


  • repo: The repo name, eg ojii/leftronicd
  • metric: Which value to grab from the repo, eg forks

Optional configuration:

  • username: The username (for private repos)
  • password: The password (for private repos)


leftronicd <configfile> [-v]

Custom methods

Custom data collecting methods can be any Python callable that returns a Twisted Deferred which calls attached callbacks with the value to be posted to

The Python callable is called with all additional configuration parameters given for a stream.


This example will show the amount of GitHub followers a user has.

Python code (let’s assume it’s in a module called ‘custom’):

from leftronicd.helpers import get_page
import json

def github_followers(username):
    def handler(data):
        return json.loads(data)['followers']
    return get_page(handler, '' % username)

As you can see, we use the leftronicd.helpers.get_page helper here, for details, see below.

Stream configuration:

accesskey: SECRET
    - method: custom.github_followers
      verbosename: Github Followers
      name: my-github-followers
      type: number
      interval: 300
      username: ojii



A wrapper around twisted.web.client.getPage. Takes a handler function as first argument which is called with the content of the page if the page is loaded successful. The handler function should then return the value to be passed to leftronic. get_page returns a deferred which can be returned from your custom methods.

All arguments after the handler argument are the same as in twisted.web.client.getPage.

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