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A Python module designed to control the Elgato brand Lights.

Project description


A Python module designed to control the Elgato brand Lights. For use in automation or in lieu of their Control Center app (when on a non-supported platform).

About the lights

As of this writing, the only compatible hardware is the Elgato Key Light. This hardware operates on Wifi only, anounces itself on the network via mDNS and is controllable via JSON REST. As the lights are not-multicolored the only available controls are on/off, brightness (0-100), and color temperature (from 3000k to 7000k)


When you know the IP, you can do things manually:

>>> import leglight
>>> myLight = leglight.LegLight('',9123)
>>> print(myLight)
Elgato Light ABC12345689 @
>>> vars(myLight)
{'address': '', 'port': 9123, 'name': '', 'server': '', 'productName': 'Elgato Key Light', 'hardwareBoardType': 53, 'firmwareBuildNumber': 192, 'firmwareVersion': '1.0.3', 'serialNumber': 'ABC12345689', 'display': 'Key Light One'}
>>> myLight.on()
>>> myLight.brightness(14)
>>> myLight.color(3500)

Or you can use the discovery module:

>>> import leglight
>>> allLights =
>>> print(allLights)
[Elgato Light ABC987654321 @, Elgato Light ABC12345689 @]
>>> for light in allLights:
...     light.on()
...     light.brightness(5)
...     light.color(3400)




Elgato, Key Light and other product names are copyright of their owner, CORSAIR.

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